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Why Tom Brady Is NOT The GOAT, Not Even of This Generation

Updated on January 3, 2018

He Has been Carried By His Team

Tom Brady has been carried by his team throughout his career his defense, on average, ranks 8.1 in the league. His overall record is 212-82. The Patriots defense have been in the top ten 14 times with Brady starting, where in the 14 seasons their has been 175-47, they have been in the top 5 6 times and their record has been 80-16, number 1 twice where they went 28-4, they haven't been in the top 10 4 times where Brady has gone 37-27 and their lowest rank has been 17th. It's obvious that Brady depends on his defense to play well so they can win, even though all QBs do that right? Exactly, but some quarterbacks need it more than others and Brady is obviously on the more side. Not just his defense he depends on but his offense as well, he has played with Rob Gronkowski for 7 of his 18 seasons, arguably the best tight end in the league for the past 4 years. Randy Moss for 3 years, one of the greatest wide receivers of all time, Wes Welker for 7 years, another great wide receiver. Troy Brown, Deion Branch, and Julian Edelman who are all possible hall of famers. He's played with Patriots greats at running back such at LeGarrette Blount and Kevin Faulk. Brady counts on his team and extremely obvious he does, in fact in every one of Brady's super bowl winning years his defense ranked in the top 8 every year, the lowest ranking is 8th and two of his 5 were ranking 1st and one of his other 3 was 2nd. So 3 of his 5 super bowl years were in the top 3. His other year his defense ranked 6th incase you were wondering. One more thing, not that this matters that much, but for the past 12 years of his career Brady has had Stephen Gostkowski arguably the greatest kicker of all time on his team. In 5 or his 25 playoff wins he passed for under 200 yards, also in 9 of those games in passed for above 300 yards, so he has played very well in the playoffs but it doesn't change the fact that when everyone says he's extremely clutch he obviously has plenty of bad moments. Especially counting that in 19/34 of those games he's thrown atleast one interception. Also, in 9 of those 34 games he's thrown 2 or more picks, and in 3 games he's thrown 3 picks. In four those games he didn't throw a single touchdown. But in one game he threw 6 touchdowns but he also threw 1 pick in that game. But at the same time his regular season stats have been stand out, where he has had 9 seasons where he passed for above 4000 yards and one season where he had more than 5200, he has only passed for more than 40 touchdowns once but he had 50 touchdowns in that seasons. His second most is 39. But at the same time he has had 9 seasons where he passed for more 10 interceptions, and in 3 of those seasons he threw 14 interceptions. There are others quarterbacks that have been playing with way worse players, such as the player I'm about to start talking about.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has only had 8 postseason games where he has thrown even one interception, out of the 16 where he played in them. Where there were only 2 games where he threw more than one, where the most the has thrown is 2. He has thrown for more than 300 yards in 6 of those games, and he had a 423 yard explosion in his first playoff game. I forgot to mention that Brady did have a 466 yard game in the super bowl against Atlanta but that game went into overtime which is probably why I forgot to mention it. Also Aaron has passed for more than 400 passing yards in a game 4 times, while Brady has passed for more 400 in a game 9 times in 7 years more than Aaron, of course this is seasons where they started at QB, Aaron's first three years he did not start. But Brady did pass for 500 yards in a game once while Aaron hasn't passed for 500+ in a game. But Rodgers' defense throughout his starting career, since 2008, has been horrible. The Packer's defense has only been in the top ten twice, where they ranked 7th and 2nd during Rodgers' super bowl year, but they ranked outside of the top 20 3 times in his career, their lowest ranking is 25th. Aaron's receivers haven't been completely outstanding with only one that is a close to guaranteed hall of famer, Jordy Nelson of course. But other notable receivers are Devante Adams, James Jones, and Randall Cobb. Most of Aaron's playoff loses atleast can be blamed on his defense, you could say that about a few of Brady's playoff games but not close to all of them. Rodgers' playoff defense has allowed 26.1 points per game, with 1 game allowing 50+ points, 4 games with 30+ points, and 12 games allowing 20+ points, and NO games allowing below 10 points. While Aaron's offense in the playoffs get 29.4 points per game, with 8 games of 30+ points, 3 games of 40+ points, and all 17 games has 20+ points. Aaron also has 7 games with 3+ passing touchdowns, only 2 games with more than 1 interceptions, and 12 games of 2+ passing touchdowns. 6 games with 300+ passing yards as well. Granted, all quarterbacks rely on their defense to not allow a touchdown on every single drive but Brady needs it more than almost any other QB in the league, at least the Elite ones such as AARON RODGERS. Aaron Rodgers does not rely on his defense in every single game, he can win the game with the worst defense in the league while Brady just can't. Brady's defense has never allowed more than 38 points in a playoff game and they only did that once. Also, the defense allowed more than 20 points 20 times, but they allowed less than 10 points three times. Brady's offense scored more than 40 points 5 times in 34 games, while Aaron had it 4 times in half the amount of games. I get that Brady's defense allows a lot of points but Aaron's allows an unbelievable amount.

Please Don't Get Mad

If any of my information is off I apologize for that, but I doubt it would make a huge difference in the outcome of my decision. I believe Brady is a top 5 QB of all time but I just think Joe Montana, Aaron Rodgers, John Elway, and (Ready to rage Brady fans?) Peyton Manning. >:D Sorry I had to. But Montana is the GOAT and Brady is fifth all time, behind the four I said.

Ok I'll stop being a jerk to you Brady fans, honestly Brady is one of the greats and what he did in superbowl 51 was amazing. If any of you want to try to convince me that Brady is the GOAT feel free to, just please understand that this is my opinion and I will respect that this is yours.


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