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Why Tom Brady is the Best Quarterback of All Time

Updated on January 28, 2016

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is in the conversation for the best quarterback of all time. Tom Brady was drafted 199th overall and has made his way to one of the best quarterback of all time. One of the greatest draft steals of all time, he has lead his team to 6 Super Bowl appearances and 4 Super Bowl wins. Tom Brady has not always had the best offensive weapons, defense or offensive line, but he has always been able to lead the Patriots to the playoffs when he is healthy.

Tom Brady did not have the luxury of throwing to top Hall of Fame targets like Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, Cris Carter and Micheal Irvin. Tom Brady did have Randy Moss for three seasons, but it wasn't a career long duo like Montana and Jerry Rice. Other quarterbacks like Manning had top targets like Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne. Brady would throw to many receivers who the Patriots were able to fit in their system and make it work. If he had someone like a Jerry Rice for most of his career, he would undoubtedly be the best quarterback of all time.

Tom Brady is the greatest NFL mastermind and tries to make sure every single detail is prepared for during the games. Danny Amendola had this to say about Brady, "He’s looking at inches, making sure that you are lined up in your splits, getting your depth on routes, the speed coming in out of your brakes, he tries to emulate a game at all times... We weren’t even going against any defenders and it was that detail-oriented." Brady has also been known to make sure the receivers are prepared for any setbacks like sun in their eyes or any other scenario.

Passing Yards
Passing Touchdowns
Super Bowl Wins
Super Bowl Appearances
Tom Brady

Tom Brady's Top Targets

Randy Moss- Easily the greatest receiver that Tom Brady has ever had, he helped Brady to an almost undefeated season and a Super Bowl win. Sadly, Randy Moss only played with Tom Brady for three seasons and then was traded to the Vikings. In the time with the Patriots he helped set the record for most passing touchdowns in one season, which stood until 2013, and set his own record of most touchdown receptions in one season with 23, which still stands today. Randy Moss is also arguable the only Hall of Fame caliber receiver that Tom Brady has ever had.

Wes Welker- One of Brady's most reliable receivers, he had 5 seasons with 110+ receptions during his time with the Patriots. Tom Brady always looked to Welker for receptions and yardage whenever possible. Wes Welker also had 5 seasons with 1,110+ yards. Wes Welker is not the same type of receiver that Moss was, but is still a great receiver in his own respect. Wes Welker was injury prone for the Patriots and only has a small chance of getting into the Hall of Fame.

Rob Gronkowski- Arguably the best current target for Tom Brady, he has helped Tom Brady to lead the Patriots to 2 Super Bowls since being drafted. Rob Gronkowski has grown into a favorite target for Tom Brady and especially a redzone target. If Gronkowski keeps playing the way he does and stays healthy, he has a chance to be in the Hall of Fame and if he stays with Brady, both him and Brady will benefit from one another. Brady will have a reliable target that will help to produce passing yards and touchdowns.

Troy Brown- Not quite Hall of Fame caliber type of player, he did build up yardage over time and was also able to build up the amount of touchdowns over the span of his career with Tom Brady. Troy Brown was not the same receiver as Randy Moss would be. Troy Brown had his best season the first season that Tom Brady took over as the Patriot's starting quarterback.

Deion Branch- Deion Branch is once again not a Hall of Fame caliber receiver, unlike what other great NFL quarterbacks have had. He played with the Patriots for a number of years, before being traded to the Seahawks after winning the Super Bowl and being named the Super Bowl MVP. Deion Branch was not the Randy Moss or Jerry Rice type of player that Tom Brady needed.

Aaron Hernandez- Obviously no longer in the NFL, he was once part of a duo that troubled many defenses and created plenty of mismatches. The combination between him and Gronk could have proved unstoppable, but he had issues and is no longer part of the Patriots organization or NFL.

Brady's Top Targets

Randy Moss
Wes Welker
Troy Brown
Deion Branch
Rob Gronkowski
Aaron Hernandez
Receiving Touchdowns
Receiving Yards

Reasons Other Quarterbacks have Advantages

One of the major reasons that Joe Montana might have been as successful as he was was because of the lack of a salary cap. Joe Montana had all sorts of talent to work with, and Tom Brady has had to make the best with what he is given. The Patriots have been able to find players that fit into their system and make it the best possible scenario for both teams. All other great quarterbacks have had some sort of quarterback to wide receiver connection that helped the team be successful and lead them to the Super Bowl. Tom Brady has never had a consistent receiver throughout his career.

Peyton Manning has consistently had top targets and potential Hall of Famers, unlike Brady who had Moss for a short amount of time and some receivers that might get in the Hall of Fame. Brady only had Randy Moss, Rob Gronkowski and maybe one more who has played significant time with Brady and could get voted into the Hall of Fame.



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