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Why Tyson Fury Should Not Be Banned From BBC Sports Personality Of The Year.

Updated on December 8, 2015

Klitchko Deposed As World Heavyweight Champion.


Tyson Ignites Fury.

Ever since Tyson Fury set out to be heavy weight champion of the world he set himself a goal to one day be the best and most memorable boxer of all time and win the belt to be heavyweight champion of the world.

The first time when it was announced that Tyson Fury named after Mike Tyson was going to face Vladimir Klitchko in the ring in a world heavyweight bout the press just went crazy and boxing fans were relishing this prospect.

Then Klitchko pulled out and it all went quiet then the match was on again in Germany between the British hopeful and the Ukranian champion of the world. At one point Fury threatened to pull out of the bout if the floor of the boxing ring was not re - laid to Fury's satisfaction.

Subsequently the floor was re - laid to Fury's satisfaction and the match went to 11 rounds with Fury winning and proudly wearing the heavy weight belt and singing to the lady in his life from the boxing ring as he said he would if he beat Klitchko. The song was heard loud and clear by his pregnant wife 'I dont Want to Miss A Thing' by Aerosmith from the film 'Armageddon' about an asteroid that would crash into the earth and destroy all life.

At 27 Fury said he may retire from the ring because he has achieved what he set out to do to be the heavy weight champion of the world. However it seems Klitchko may want a re - match at some point so it will be interesting to see how Fury responds.

Tyson Fury has been nominated for BBC 'Sports Personality Of the Year' last year won by F1 British driver Lewis Hamilton also on the list to be possible 'Sports Personality Of The Year' is top British tennis ace Andy Murray.

However because Fury seemingly has said controversial things about gays for example there is now a movement out there that would like to see him banned from the programme. Indeed Fury has said other things that have raised a few eye brows in a our seemingly prudish politically correct world about how he is all for women's rights but his wife is better in the kitchen and serving him a cup of tea and seeing to his sexual needs.

To understand Tyson Fury and how he speaks though you have to understand that he is a devout Christian and is a from a gypsy background where rough speak like this is common practice.

Tyson Fury has remained unapologetic for his views and repeated again on his Twitter page where he is known as the 'Gypsy King' he is 1000 % entitled to his views and will not back down or apologise.

It seems politically correctness stifles freedom of speech and in our free speech society people should be allowed to espouse their views whether you agree with them or not. Fury is being judged on this programme for his sporting prowess not on what he said or did not say and that is how it should be.


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