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Why Use Fishing Worms

Updated on October 5, 2012

Fishing is the past time many people like to do for a wide variety of reasons, for some it is relaxing, others is for sport, while some people do this for eating. The problem you may have is not knowing why you should use fishing worms instead of the fake bait you can easily pick up from the store and reuse time and time again. Once you realize some of the reasons to use these worms, it will be easy for you to understand just why you should spend a couple of bucks each time you decide to go fishing.

The first reason you should use real worms for your fishing is they tend to move around better then the fake worms. Now you have to remember the real fishing worms are alive and like most things when they are alive they like to move around. With this motion you will notice the fish will be attracted to your bait more then they will your fellow fishermen. However, you do need to make sure you have your fishing worms secured to the hook properly or you can easily cast them off of the end of the hook like I have done several times on my own.

A second reason to use fishing worms is they increase the chance of you catching fish. When you increase the chance of catching fish, you do not have to be concerned about missing out on the dinner you want to have or being out fished by a competitor. However, you can only catch the fish if you are baiting your hook properly. Once you have your hook baited properly you do not have to be concerned about missing out on any of the fish, but instead you can have a better chance of snagging your hook in the fish properly.

A third reason you may want to look at fishing worms and using the live worms is it can help you determine how long you are going to be out fishing. Normally if you go fishing you want to spend as much time as possible on the water casting and catching. However, you should use the live worms you have as a good gauge as to how long you have been on the water. For example, I can take a dozen nightcrawlers and spend the entire day fishing on them alone. Then I know exactly how long I have been out on water fishing and know if I should be worried about spending, gasp, to long on the water.

Fishing worms are something you have never thought about before when you go out fishing. However, if you learn some information about them and the reasons why you should use these, it is rather easy to see these are the best form of bait around, even if you have to pay a little bit of money each time you decide to go out fishing.

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