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Why Weightlifting straps Are So Important?

Updated on April 20, 2016

What Are Weight-Lifting Straps?

Whether or not lifting straps are useful part of bodybuilding equipment and when you should use them? For those of you who don’t know, a set of lifting straps are basically just a set of straps wrapped around your wrists and then wrapped around the bar, dumbbell or machine to basically help you hold on to the weights more effectively.

When to Use Lifting Straps?

So there are couple of things to take into an account. The first situation is when you should consider lifting straps mandatory. These are mandatory where you are considering lifting weights so heavy that you are unable to hold on to throughout the duration of the set. It usually applied to weights such as deadlifts or stuff like a deadlifts or shrugs and exercises like that.

You are using a weight that is so heavy for your forearms and grip that you can’t hold on to the weight throughout the entire set and if your grip is giving out before your target muscles. So if you are performing like a set of shrugs and your grip is giving out before your traps are, you are completely short-circuiting the effectiveness of entire exercise.

Basically, you are just giving yourself a forearm workout and nothing more. And if you are performing deadlifts and your grip gives out before your legs and back, again the entire exercise is basically useless and only thing you are training is your forearms. In a situation like that a set of lifting straps is definitely mandatory and notice they make a huge difference in your ability to grip the weight.

The second situation is the one that is optional and that is for all of your upper body compound exercise. So any type of pulling exercises chin ups, pull downs or rows using barbells, dumbbells, and machines etc.

The weightlifting strap is a pretty good tool and can be used for all of your back training. Even if you are able to grip the weights throughout your entire exercise, the reason why you should still use them is because most people have a hard time contracting their lats and muscles of their mid back effectively during their back training.

Most people perform their back exercises in a way that causes biceps to take most of the work, as a result minimizing the effectiveness of their workout.

There are a variety of ways to shift more stress on to your back muscles as opposed to your grip. One of the key ways is to stop pulling from your hands is to start pulling using your elbows and lifting straps are a great way to accomplish that. Basically what it does is, locking you into the weight using the straps, it eliminates your grip from the equation and you don’t have to think about your hands during an exercise.


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