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Why You Should Never Let Someone Borrow Your EDC

Updated on October 15, 2017
Mamerto profile image

Mamerto I. Relativo Jr. is an engineer by profession, but a writer by night. He loves toys, knives, and has a martial arts background.

Share your blessings they say, but not in this case! Some are just too expensive, too important, or too dangerous to be loaned. Worst borrowers tend to be too careless or dumb to care for the object they borrowed. I wouldn’t mind if they use my stuffs, as long as they return it in a working condition. If they ever return it; in some unfortunate cases that will be the last I will see of my stuffs.

A man’s Everyday Carry (EDC) is a crucial part of his gear. They could benefit us in three ways; they make life easier, prepare us for emergencies and help defend ourselves. EDC are the best tool we need to hack into our daily lives, and it will save our skins at some point. Yes, a man losing his EDC is as good as crippled. You don’t loan your arm or your leg to a person you can’t trust. With that said sorry if I you won’t let you touch my knife, flashlight or pistol. Selfish it might sound you can’t blame me for being too cautious. Consider it too as sign of concern. Some EDC gear has potentials to injure. As an advice get into EDC so you won’t develop the habit of compulsive borrowing.

Are You the Type of Person That Could Borrow My Things?

Just a rant.

When someone asked me for my stuffs,I'll tell them they must be qualified to touch my gear. Count me in if you are another EDC person, a trusted friend, or someone who cares for belongings. Take a hike if you failed to measure up. At least I know my stuffs are in safe hands if an EDC person borrowed it. The same can be said if that person has a trustworthy tract record. And I should say you must be able to convince me that I could trust you with my belongings. The stuffs I got here worth more than your life.

Would you let this one use your gear?
Would you let this one use your gear?

People Are Too Careless

This is one reason why I have trust issues. I always expect my gear to be in top condition when people return it. In most cases they do, but there are a few who seems to have no regards on someone’s belongings. My friends often complain how a certain idiot will use their knives as pry tools and they will get it back with the tip missing. And yes, knives are good can-openers in emergency situation, but that doesn’t mean you will use it to open cans all the time. I know someone who ruined a folder after some genius used it to open a sardine can.

Looks familiar guys?
Looks familiar guys?

Scratched flashlight casings and damaged LEDs seems to be the case when you lend a flashlight to a fool. And last time I just spent a night sharpening my knife after a day of heavy usage, by someone else! It is by then that I came to realize that if the time comes when I will need my gear, it won’t be much of a use after someone ruined it.

They Don't Know How to Use it Properly

Another trouble I got with non EDC borrowers is that they don’t know how to use my gear properly. Sure a knife is for cutting, a torch is for lighting and a multitool just got everything you need. What they didn’t know is there are more to it that cutting and lighting. You won’t baton a folder or subject the blades to too much torture. And remember that can opening incident? People have a tendency to subject my precious gear to things they are not meant to do. How many times must I explain to the idiot that a knife is no pry bar? We even have cases where one of my people tried to hammer a nail with the butt of my multitool. Nice try Mcgyver.

And there are stuffs in our EDC inventory that are meant to injure.

Some knife designs, Kubotans, batons, everything used in self defense will put a man down in the street. Imagine what it could do to any careless soul? And those of you who have a licensed pistol knew all too well how much you will pay for stupidity.

Expect this to happen!
Expect this to happen!

Potential for Injury

Now that we arrive to the proper usage of tools, there is actually a good reason for that. Improper tool handling will lead to injury. Again you are risking a slip when you pry with knives. And going back to the proper knowledge of gear handling, you could hurt yourself when you only had the slightest idea on the proper working. Some of the gear in our EDC toolbox involves sharp blades and pointy implements. Hence don’t be surprised if a careless or naïve person will get cut if he fiddles with our stuff. More than once did an officemate sliced his thumb after attempting to open my Victorinox.

They Tend to Play Around With My Stuff

We are all grownups so for the sake of many do man-up please! Watching two people playing around is cringe worthy enough, but playing with my gear is a cause for alarm. With the potential for injury and the possibility of equipment damage I hated when people toy with my EDC. And just to show you how stupid it is I once caught my people role playing a hostage scene with my live blade. And I have to caution someone when he attempted to hit a friend with a crenulated flashlight as a slapstick joke.

They Don't Return What They Borrow

It rarely happens, but it happened. Some wise guy came to you saying he needed your things, only to disappear with your stuffs later on. In my EDC kit, the pen is a common casualty. You won’t worry about your phone or other gadgets getting lost in the office. But we are cautioned to never leave a pen lying around. And with most of our folks not bringing their own pens, our writing implements are a favourite target. That’s the reason why I bought a tactical pen. The prize is enough to make you think twice of loaning it. What’s more its clip has holes so I could lock in to my pants. And I bet some of you people out there also lost keychain tools to forgetful borrowers.

In the memory of my long lost Parker pen.
In the memory of my long lost Parker pen.


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    • Mamerto profile image

      Mamerto I Relativo Jr 8 weeks ago from Cabuyao

      Thanks for dropping by Mountain Man! Same here. As what's mentioned in the article a number of unfortunate incidence made me overprotective of my gear now. And I forgot to mention how an officemate once dropped my opinel knife under a table, and I have to crawl to retrieve it.

    • WillToSurvive profile image

      Mountain Man 8 weeks ago from North West Pa. Mountains

      I don't let anyone borrow anything. Remember the old adage "Something given has no value". I've learned the hard way a long time ago nothing ever comes back in the same condition as it left, if it ever comes back.