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Why Biking is the Best Transportation Method

Updated on March 25, 2017

The economical aspect of riding your bike instead of your car

You cannot deny the fact that riding your bike to work and to go shopping would save you a lot of money. Consider all the costs related your car.

  • Gas! This is the number one thing that people are thinking about when calculating their costs. The more their car uses gas per mile, the more your wallet is dying! The best ratio of gas consumption per mile is about 4.1 litters of gas per 100 kilometers.
  • Insurance: Now that might not be a very big expense compared to the others but still if your premium is very high so that it soaks all the expenses for the damage that your car can have.
  • Repairs: If you suspect that your car got bumped or if your tires are flat, or even if you think that your tires aren't parallel, you have to get that fixed, and that costs money, on average 250$!
  • Washing your car: this isn't very often since birds don't always poop on your windshield but even if not, mud can splatter on your car, and for the inside of your car; your kids can make it dirty pretty quickly! That takes time to clean the mess up! This can go up to 30$ every time you use the car wash!

The environmental aspect of using your car

Now, I'm not a hardcore tree-hugger BUT I think that we should do more things to reduce pollution because we are slowly but surely destroying the planet! I know, you might say that cars are not the number one cause of pollution in the air but it surely isn't the best way to go! Just on average, a car will emit in best cases 100 g per Kilometer! But the average is more 140 g per kilometer! If you multiply this by all the cars running in the world it makes easily 1 000 kg of carbon!

Overcoming the challenges

I know, you might think that I am a fanatic tree huger. Well, you are not exactly wrong. However, I can see the drawbacks from riding your bike. I can imagine a few questions you would have:

  • How can I go shopping with my bike?
  • How can ride my bike to work if I live in the country?
  • How can I take my kids to appointments or activities?

I have the answer to all three of these questions.

If you want to go shopping, specific bags exist for bikes that you can put behind you! if you have to buy many things, you can bring an extra bag-pack. This won't be easy, so do not try to change everything overnight. Start by little shopping as if you wanted to buy a little more fruit, then, try to carry little by little heavier bags until you can do all your shopping with your bag.

If you live in the country, you might not be a professional Tour De France cyclist, so you could buy an electric bike. Remember, don't try to turn the electrical assistance off all at once if you are not used to biking on a day to day basis.

To take your children to activities and school, you can get them bikes as well. Let everyone in the family have their own bike! Encourage your husband or wife to take the bike as often as possible.I know that I't wont be easy but little by little, you will get the hang of it.

This is a life long project.

It may take time to get the hang of it. Sometimes, one may stop riding their bike. Don't feel bad if you do. I'ts like a marathon, not a sprint. Just get back to it. Just don't do too much all at once. If you do that, you may become disgusted about the whole thing or even worse get depressed. Don't force yourself to that point! Do It at your own pace.

The final say

In the end guys, I'm just looking for a way to make people and the planet more healthy. When I bike on a regular basis, I feel so much better than before. I do not feel weighed down by the food I eat. I overall feel more in harmony with my body.This is one of my values that I wish to spread to other people because it is so important to me. i hope that the ones who agree with me give it a try and for the others, do what you think is best for the planet and humanity and to make this world a better place.


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