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Things to look for when choosing the Best Tactical Flashlight

Updated on January 9, 2016

The Best Tactical Flashlight and their applications for

Tactical lights make reference to tactical flashlights that generally are used by military forces. Even so, these are normally integrated along with stun guns/firearms in conjunction with other self-defense devices. Many are identified in lengthy, sturdy situations which are intended to be used just like a self-defense baton. The most essential usage is always to assist or guide the military in identifying and determining of targets prior to firing has saved quite a few lives and made the tasks of soldiers and officials much less complicated.

The military possesses great dependence on specialized tactical lighting that certainly wouldn’t obstruct a soldier’s duties. These are readily available in numerous designs, a couple of which are associated to those that are widely utilized by police or law enforcement officers while some are designed with particular functions. A lot of of these could possibly be placed on clothing as an alternative to firearms, enabling soldiers a broader view of the spot while leaving their hands free to deal with their gun or any other weapons. Some lights will have specialized filters or perhaps in some instances specialized bulbs which will permit then to illuminate a location for night vision or infrared goggles without giving away their position by the generated light.

Annoying an opponent or impairing his vision momentarily will be the foremost approach to making use of tactical flashlights. This demonstrates that it could also be employed by people with regards to their security. Although you’re on a trip or adventure, acquiring a torch in the marketplace may well possibly facilitate vital circumstances. It is possible to work this way with a torch for self-defense reasons without really harming an assailant.

Before you can select a tactical flashlight you need to consider how you will be using it.

  • Is it a light that will be part of your “everyday carry” gear and need to easily fit in a pocket?
  • Do you need a tactical flashlight that you can put in a holder to attach to a rifle or shotgun?
  • Or will this be a “nightstand” flashlight used for home security purposes?

Once you determine the primary way you’ll use the light you can start eliminating those tactical flashlights that don’t fit your application. As you start working through this process you’ll quickly realize that you probably need more than one tactical flashlight.

Some outstanding features of Best Tactical Flashlight

1. Construction

The bottom line is that the better quality flashlight case allows the light to survive drops and in some cases withstand being used to break glass (if the flashlight bezel is designed as a glass breaker).

Another construction feature would be o-ring seals to ensure that the tactical light remains waterproof and can withstand being used in inclement weather conditions. Better quality tactical flashlights meet the IPX-8 waterproof standard. Many tactical flashlights incorporate clips, lanyards, and the finishes that enhance grip.

3. Brightness

Tactical flashlights are rated in lumens, which essentially is the brightness rating of the flashlight. If you are interested in all the geeky stuff related to this unit of light measurement, you can check all of the specs out here. A tactical flashlight is usually rated for at least 100 lumens, although better lights offer multiple brightness options.

For example, a very popular tactical flashlight brand is Fenix. Their model PD32 is an example of a tactical flashlight offering multiple brightness levels. In this case, the PD32 offers 4 brightness levels spanning from 5 to 340 lumens. At 5 lumens, this allows the flashlight to be used in a fashion that won’t draw attention to the user (useful in a tactical situation) to 340 lumens which can be used to blind and disorient a threat. This particular model also offers a strobe and SOS mode as well.

In general, the lower priced tactical flashlights will offer fewer brightness selections than those that are more expensive. Bear in mind that running your tactical flashlight at maximum brightness will use up your batteries faster.

4. Bulb

The only type of bulb to consider is an LED. Almost every tactical flashlight you will contain and LED bulb (as opposed to a xenon or some other bulb type). LED’s just last longer, are more durable, resist shock better, and give your flashlight the capability to be run at varying brightness levels (if that is a feature of the flashlight).

5. Weapons capability

If you plan to use your tactical flashlight on your security shotgun or your AR15, you need to make sure of a few things prior to making your purchase. The primary thing to consider is if the tactical flashlight will fit in a holder that will allow you to securely attach it to your weapon. I emphasize securely because it goes without saying that when you fire a rifle or shotgun you experience a certain level of recoil.

The last thing you need to have happen in a low light, pressure situation is your tactical flashlight rattling off your weapon. The other thing to consider is if the tactical light is pressure switch capable. A variety of tactical flashlight manufacturers offer accessories that will allow you to run your weapons-mounted light with a pressure switch. This is a feature that is a must have for a light mounted on an assault style rifle. The pressure switch allows you to easily turn your light on and off while remaining ready to address any threats.

6. Switch operation (on, off, strobe)

Typically, almost all tactical flashlights will employ a button in the base of the light. This button should be large so it can be engaged easily during a pressure situation. If your tactical flashlight has multiple brightness or strobe modes those will normally be engaged through multiple clicking of this button.

Some small lights used for everyday carry may employ a twist on and off switch rather than a button at the base of the light. I’m definitely a proponent of being thrifty, but one of the complaints I’ve seen about cheaper tactical flashlights are issues with the on / off switch. This makes sense as it is the part of the light that gets interacted with the most.

If you read the section on weapons mounted tactical lights you’ll definitely want to make sure that the light you buy has a pressure switch kit, particularly if you plan to use it on your AR platform rifle.


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