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Why do people love to hate Lebron James

Updated on June 8, 2015

Lebron's early life

Lebron Raymone James, born 30th of December 1984, to a 16 year old mother,Gloria Marie James. As young boy James moved a lot, because his mother couldn't find a permanent job. He gained world attention when he was just in high school and was already labeled "The next Jordan" Yes, he was that good. He could have entered the Draft when he was 16-17.

Lebron's story is what movies are made of. Being born in to a harsh world, with a single mother, constantly on the move and becoming someone special that kids today can look up to. Lebron didn't turn to drugs, gangs or violence. He was fortunate to find a stable relationship with Frank Walker, local youth football coach. Frank was the one that introduced James to basketball when 9 years old.

James attended St.Vincent-St. Mary high school, whereas a freshman he took his basketball team "The Fighting Irish" to the Division III state championship, finishing the season with a 27-0 record. During his sophomore year, some of the home games had to be played at the University of Akron which seats 5,492 patrons, so as to satisfy the demand for tickets that people bought to watch this high school kid play, among those fans were college and NBA scouts. That year the team again were state champions with a record of 26-1

Lebron's first cover age 16 going on 17
Lebron's first cover age 16 going on 17

Where did the Hate begin?

Lebron James went into the NBA draft of 2003 as "the most hyped basketball player ever" according to Ryan Jones. being Labelled as " The Next Jordan" and "The Chosen One" turned some die hard fans to question his ability at this level of Basketball.

This was will play into his hate later on. Just keep on reading.

Lebron James was Selected as the first overall pick by Cleveland Cavaliers. In his debut game James recorded 25 points, setting an NBA record for most points scored by player in a debut outing. This began Lebron's career in breaking different records in the NBA.

During 2007 playoffs, game 5 of the Conference finals, James finished the game with 48 points 9 rebounds and 7 assists, while also scoring 29 of Cleveland's last 30 points including the game winner. Marv Albert called it "one of the greatest moments in postseason history" and Steve Kerr (former Bulls player) named the performance "Jordan-esque" . Although the Cavaliers progressed to the finals, they were no match for the San Antonio Spurs and lost in 4 straight games.

Remember this loss. Because Lebron haters will surely remind you of it.

2010 free agency "The Decision" TV special
2010 free agency "The Decision" TV special

The Decision

This is going to be short.

Most of the hate for Lebron was born here. His smiling Betrayal to all of his fans. Leaving not just the Cavaliers but also his hometown and all of the people living in Ohio.

The fans took this decision to heart, and felt that they were stabbed in the back. You would remember that after his decision there was a lot burning of his jersey.

Lebron James drew immense criticism from every one, including former and current NBA players, sports analysts, fans and executives of other organizations. "The Decision" T.V announcement was seen as unprofessional and unnecessary as even the teams that were trying to convey him to join them did not know about his decisions until moments before the "Show" . Even Former NBA legends Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson criticized Lebron's decision his decision. Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert published an open letter to fans in which he denounced James'actions.

As a result of his T.V. Special program "The Decision", Lebron Quickly became one of America's most hated athletes. The phrase "Taking my talents to South Beach" became an instant viral meme for his critics.

Lebron James' hate

After the Decision and his second unsuccessful trip to the finals. It became popular to dislike, or hate Lebron. This was the man that betrayed his fans, his teammates, his city, by jumping on a team that was stacked with other superstars and great players and he still couldn't win a ring by losing to the Dallas Mavericks in the finals. Many people started to criticize him by calling him "Lechoke" stating that he choked, disappeared in the moments that mattered the most. Dallas defeated the Miami Heat in 6 games. After the loss, Lebron couldn't escape from criticism. The media started to play in favor of the hate, criticizing Lebron's every move and every decision. sports analysts called it Karma and the truth that Lebron was nothing more then just a good player. He was no longer "The next Jordan" how could he be considered one of the greats when he is 0-2 in the finals. Even reporters claimed that he chokes in when it counts the most; NBA finals.

Lebron Hate was in full blown.

The people who tend to hate Lebron were mostly Cleveland natives, and Cavs fans, but it grew into those that felt that Lebron was unworthy of being in the same category as Michael Jordan. Then there are the die hard Kobe fans that try to dis-credited everything that Lebron has done, so as to maintain that Kobe is better/greater then Lebron James

The Reason why people hate Lebron James

List of reasons for Lebron's hate

  1. he promised a championship for Cleveland and then left
  2. he doesn't care for his fans
  3. he doesn't care for his teammates
  4. he doesn't know what "Loyalty" is
  5. he claims to be the "Chosen one"
  6. he chokes under pressure
  7. he has had cramps in the finals, and didn't play through them
  8. he is scared of the dunk contest (no joke, this is a claim.Jordan & Kobe have done it)
  9. he needs a team of superstars to carry him (2014 finals stats: 28.2PPG 4.0AST 7.8RB 2.0STL 57%FG)
  10. he is not better then Jordan
  11. he is not better then Kobe
  12. he is not a cold bloody killer. (in terms of basketball)
  13. he is 2-5 in NBA finals (won 2 out of 5 appearances in NBA finals)
  14. he jumped an ageing and injury plagued team, went back to Cleveland
  15. he is not better then Kobe, This one need to be on the list at least twice, Trust me
  16. he doesn't talk like we want him to talk. hmm??? Yes, below is another video with nearly 2 million views. on why we hate Lebron and Love Jordan. it is not the way the play but rahter what they say.

Watch the video and decide for yourself

Does he deserve this much hate?

In my opinion, and this is only my opinion. NO!

Lebron James is one of the hardest working NBA players of our time, and probably of all time. This is guy that grew up with a single mother and instead of feeling sorry for himself, he worked real hard to become the man we see today. His NBA records and accomplishment speak for them self.

  1. 2 time NBA Champion
  2. 2 time NBA finals MVP
  3. 2 time Olympic Gold medalist
  4. 4 time regular Season MVP
  5. 5 times NBA ALL-defense First team
  6. 9 times ALL-NBA First Team
  7. 20th in ALL time points scored
  8. Only player in NBA history to post at least 2000 points, 500 rebounds, 500 assists, and 100 steals in four straight seasons
  9. Only player in NBA history to win the NBA Player of the Month Award four times in two consecutive seasons
  10. There are many more Achievements that he has done and he hasn't even finished his career.

Time to ask yourself.

do you hate Lebron James

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