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Why do we care more about sports than our country?

Updated on January 1, 2015

Sports or America

Our country is filled with so many recreational things to participate in. All around you see sports stadiums, soccer fields, baseball fields and gymnasiums. Usually, during the week and weekends these places are filled with young children,teenagers, and adults. These athletes are practising several nights a week and have several games on Saturday.

I hear parents all the time their spending all their time at the ball field. Is this time they choose to spend or feel they have to? Do they like being there instead of home with their kids? Is this their way of being like everyone else? I have asked this question a lot to myself. You may wonder why I do. Is this a way to avoid what is happening in our country? Do people use this as a coping mechanism? Do we use sports as a way to forget what is really happening? I will pose this important question. Are we doing this because we want someone else to fix the problems?

  • Friends(American) there are problems in our society. We have a government that is out of control. The executive, judicial, and legislative branches are all broken. Often times local governments are out of touch to their constitutes just governing anyway they want. They pass laws whether their good or not for the people that elected them. Do they have the same problem or problems that most seem to have? Are they so consumed by sports that they are not concerned?

The America I grew up in has been eroded. I came from a family of six children. We lived on a farm and my dad had a sawmill business. Our time away from school was spent working on the farm. We had large gardens, would cut our own firewood. The time we had was spent working, We did not go to ballgames because dad was teaching us how to be productive citizens. I am so grateful for the insight he exhibited toward his family.

We would talk about things happening in our government. The things we thought were right and wrong. Our children are not being educated enough about our history, our constitution or our founding. This is why we are losing our young people. They don't know our history. They are being taught inadvertently that sports are more important. You might be thinking how can you say that? Its easy, if your not home and at the ball field, who are kids learning from? The coach or even maybe from a friend.

Please parents wake up before our liberties are taken away. Is being away from your home all the time really worth losing freedoms to sports? Is it worth tramp!ing on what our founders fought and died for? Is it worth all the bloodshed and lives our brave men and women sacrifice? Is it worth our kids not knowing who and how our America was founded?

May we never forget our liberties due to sports that in the end will not even matter. I am not opposed to sports but this can be a distraction to all of us. We must not let any type of recreation cause us to forget the importance of paying attention. We must allow ourselves to be on guard, be involved in our government process. The most important teach our children about AMERICA.


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