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Why i love Jeff Hardy

Updated on April 23, 2016

Children idolize him, women fawn over him, and legends respect him. Jeff Hardy is loved by millions and hated by some. He is nick-named "The Charismatic Enigma" and he's gained a notable place in the face of WWE. While i've only heard of him as a kid, i've never seen him in action until much later in life. Overtime, i came to love Jeff Hardy and become a fan. This has been due to several reasons.

1) He's a unique wrestler - Jeff Hardy doesn't rely on brute force like many other superstars. He doesn't wrestle like most. He certainly doesn't wear the same attire as many do. Instead, he wears shirts, long hair, arm bands, jeans, and face paint. He relies on speed, strategy, agility, quick reflexes and counters, so forth. This stands out from the typical submissions and powerful slams that other wrestlers do. Jeff Hardy appeals to a variety of fans - Punks, goths, teens, girls, you name it.

2) He's daring - Jeff Hardy is known for high flying maneuvers and shocking (almost fatal) stunts. Regardless of the situation, Jeff strives to devastate his opponent at the cost of his own health. He takes bold risks such as flying off the ladders, rooftops, cages, etc. and onto weakened opponents. This might greatly cost him the match and maybe even his life, but he does it anyway.

Jeff Hardy (right) with Triple H (Left).
Jeff Hardy (right) with Triple H (Left).

3) He's heroic - He has noble qualities of a babyface. He has honor and respect for his opponents. He's very kind and competitive. He's shook hands with Triple H and Rey Mysterio before/after facing them. He also cares alot about his brother Matt Hardy and being loyal to others. Seeing all this, it's easy for the fans to love him.

4) His character develops - From the beginning of his career, Jeff didn't know who he was. This is why he kept losing and wasn't that popular. He didn't have much that stood out from the rest. His attire was dull and average. It was only later that he changed and became alot more extreme. We see him become more determined to succeed whereas in earlier matches, he would rather tap out than win. When he realizes he doesn't seize his opportunities as much as others, we see his determination grow. We see him become offensive, stronger, and more willing to kick out of a pin. We Jeff become more extreme and his true willpower unleashed. Rather than let other wrestlers like CM Punk steal what he worked hard to earn, he fights through the pain. He defies it by saying "No! This is my victory! I'm not going to let it be taken from me!" then he wins.

As far as gimmicks, Jeff Hardy has developed to the fullest potential during his run in TNA with more colorful apparel and intimidating war paint worn on his face.

5) He admits his flaws - Like everyone, Jeff Hardy has flaws. He's sometimes selfish, too reckless, and angered. The difference is that he admits them. He doesn't try to justify himself or trash talk on other superstars. Jeff Hardy reconciles with those he's had a bad standing with. Jeff Hardy is fully capable of turning heel and he has in the past. It was this ruthless more selfish and angry side of Jeff Hardy that made him a talented heel. Although the good in Jeff Hardy is not only wrestling with other superstars, he's also wrestling against the evil within.

6) He loves his fans - Jeff Hardy will spend a long time going around shaking hands. He often takes his shirt off and arm bands off then throw them into the crowd. Who would do something like that? Not many. Jeff Hardy also defends them after several heels insult them. Jeff Hardy gives his best in every match and does so much to entertain the crowd. He wants to be remembered for who he is as a person, not by how many titles or matches he's won or lost. He's displayed several acts of kindness towards them. He never forgets they're what made him who he is.

7) He has a great win/lose record - He's won several titles and has a great streak compared to other wrestlers. It's all because of his growth as a wrestler and individuality. He belongs in the hall of fame along with the other popular superstars.

8) He's inspirational - His attitude doesn't just work in wrestling, it can also be applied outside the ring. When i was depressed and broken over my failures, Jeff Hardy taught me a valuable lesson. What matters most is not successes or failures, it's the ability to take risks. It's about facing your fears and taking chances even if you fail. When i watch him wrestle, he's not worried about the future or the past. He's concerned about the present moment. This is what makes him a great role model.

Jeff Hardy is one of the most passionate and extreme pro-wrestlers out there. He's revolutionized the way pro-wrestling is done. He's taught that you don't need ripped albs or to be tough. You just need the passion and willpower to succeed in anything you do in life.


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