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Why many like to wear football jersey?

Updated on September 15, 2015

Why many like to wear football jersey when they don’t play football at all?

It is interesting fact that many people around the world, men and women, young and old, likes to wear football jerseys even when they are not playing football, or becoming the supporters in football match in a stadium. Most of the times the jersey they wear are the team they support or the team they admire. But there are more reason why an individual like to wear football jerseys as their normal attire when they not even play football at all. So if you saw someone wearing a football jersey on the street, there are reasons for them to do so:

a) Supporting favourite team

Supporting a favourite team is often the reason an individual likes to wear jersey of his supporting team. Of course who did not admire the favourite football team such as Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and Real Madrid, right? Die-hard will always wear the jersey of their supporting team in every match they watch. The more famous the football team are, the more popular its jersey for sale. This rule itself is not limited to foreign teams only, but also present in local football team too who have impressive results.

b) Idol player in the club

Whenever an idol player playing in a club, of course an individual will wear the jersey of the football team their idol plays. In other words, it is the star players that inspires an individual to own his version of the jersey, the limited edition with the idol name in most cases. For example, when Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Real Madrid, those Real fans will definitely go crazy for Real jerseys particularly with Ronaldo’s name on it.

c) Remembering past team achievements

Whenever his supporting team had won a trophy in major tournament whether domestically or internationally, it will always the jersey that the team wears that will be individuals choice. For the jersey it symbolizes the team victory in that particular season to be remembered, regardless of any tournament won by a team whether it is in small scale or large scale. On the other hands, those teams who performed badly or went out of tournament early will not only saw their merchandise including their jersey being disposed, but also its prices will be knocked down drastically due to shamefulness on the defeated team itself, but the jersey itself fell out of public demand despite of drastic price fall.

d) Showing off the favourite team

Other than supporting an individual favourite team, a person may wear a jersey just to prove that he is showing off his support to a particular team, although maybe not fully supportive. The jersey itself is used as showing off to everyone that he is a real football fan, or he just simply following others supporting a particular team. The publicity of a football team is clearly shown by someone wearing a jersey of a famous club which is much admired by regular jersey wearers.

e) Become patriotic

This rule applies to jersey of national football team. By applying some reasons stated above, an individual may wear a jersey of his country football team more so during the football season such as the World Cup. And the jersey itself can be an attire of pride of a team won the World Cup. But it is not necessarily just the World Cup that an individual will wear jerseys of national football team. Any football that do well in major international tournament its jersey will also be selling like hotcakes among locals, more so if his country wins any major tournament.


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