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Take Short RV Camping trips and look nearby for fun while saving money.

Updated on August 23, 2016
Don Bobbitt profile image

Don has been an avid traveler and motorhome owner for most of his life and he shares his knowledge of motorhomes and other RVs.

Camping trips, decide on Short or Long ones.

My wife and I are what you would call hardcore campers and we have been at this for many years, in a number of different styles of recreational vehicles.

Admittedly, we have probably bought far too many RV's in our life, often trading on a whim. But in the past, we have taken our RV's to a lot of fantastic places and along the way we have met so many great (and some strange) people in our travels.

With our years of experience my wife and I feel comfortable enough to offer some advice we feel would be valuable to the novice campers out there, who are just starting out in the world of camping.

Presently, as we have gotten older, we take less long treks around the country in our RV, and instead, we tend to concentrate our RV trip planning on shorter trips that are much easier for us to go on and manage.

One special thing we have discovered is that a short trip, even for a seasoned camping couple can be just as entertaining as taking a much longer one to some distant resort area.

A typical State Park Beach in the Florida Keys

A Beach in a park on Fiesta Key in Florida, only 60 miles from Key West..
A Beach in a park on Fiesta Key in Florida, only 60 miles from Key West.. | Source

We still take long trips in our RV.

In our travels, we have seen nature's abundance in many of it's glorious forms. We have enjoyed many special sights that others only get to see in travel brochures.

But, unlike the readers of brochures and travel articles, we were lucky enough to see them first hand, often under bad as well as good weather conditions.

For example, a few years ago, we made a trip across the country, with the trips goal being to show our grandson the fantastic Grand Canyon.

Now, I'm sure you've seen numerous pictures of this beautiful work of nature.

You have most likely watched big-screen, high-definition videos and movies of the Grand Canyon from one end to the other, in fantastic film productions.

But, when we got there, we camped near there in a little town called Williams only about 25 miles from the Canyon itself and we honestly had one of the great travel experiences of our lives.

Grand Canyon view

A View of the Grand Canyon on a foggy morning
A View of the Grand Canyon on a foggy morning | Source

What we did on our long trip to the Grand Canyon

While we were only there for a week, we were able to;

  • Drive our tow car to dozens of overlooks and take hundreds of great pictures, of both the canyon and, of course, of us posing in front of so many awe inspiring sights.
  • We were able to see the canyon on sunny days.
  • We were able to see the canyon on a cloudy day. The area is a totally different place when it is rainy and windy. You have to experience it to appreciate it.
  • We were able to stop often and watch the wildlife walking around, literally ignoring us as if they were squirrels in a city park.
  • We were able to enjoy the great stores and restaurants on the main drag of the town of Williams.
  • We met a great couple from California, who we then palled around with for the remainder of our stay. We still trade jokes and emails with them.
  • We took a day to explore the town of Flagstaff, which is just a short drive away.
  • We visited several Native American sites/stores.
  • And, we were able to just sit outside our RV, at these high elevations and enjoy the volatile weather of the area, sipping on a glass of wine and swapping tales with our new friends.

Now, this was a planned trip across the country, of course, and we did stop at a number of great places along the way, out there and returning home. But it was a pretty typical long RV trip, that I am sure many of my fellow RVers can attest to as being normal.

But next week, we're going to Orlando.

That's why I am writing this article.

It's that time of year, around Spring Break time, and we Floridians tend to get a lot more visitors during this time period of nice but mild weather.

Don't get me wrong, we do enjoy having family and friends visit us here in our little tropical paradise, regardless of the time of year.

But, we have also been planning our Summer hops around Florida for a while and our first outing in several months will be to our favorite Thousand Trails campground near Orlando.

The campground is a large one, mostly due to the number of people who come ther to camp and visit Disney World which is only about seven miles away.

Disney World is so close that you can sit outside your RV at night and watch the (nightly) Disney fire works from the comfort of your campsite.

We have stayed there often, over the years, and it has so many amenities to take advantage of.

And the best thing about just driving 70-miles to a campground for a two-week visit, is that we will spend very little extra money for this little vacation of ours.

Why go on such a short trip?

So, you might ask us, why we are taking our RV on such a short trip?

As you might know,Orlando is only a little over 70-miles from our home near Tampa. We could just drive there in our car, if we wanted and then we could just and stay in a hotel for a few days, right?

What we will do on our short trip in our RV

Well, when we take our RV to the campground we will be able to be campers and over our week and a half stay we will be able to;

  • Cook and enjoy many of our meals at our RV, as if were were actually still home. This means eating healthy foods and not be constantly eating what is served in most fast food and other restaurants.
  • We can establish our own daily RV routine and not get run out of our hotel room at certain times of the day by the cleaning people.
  • We can take our daily walks and exercises, on the roads and in the pools of the campground without any danger of being run over by a car.
  • We can take the time to make reservations for the nicest restaurants in the area, scheduled to meet our timetable.
  • We can sit outside our RV, under it's awning and talk to our neighbors as they walk by, just enjoying the weather.
  • We can sleep in our own bed in our RV, every night. And if we decide, after we have settled down for the night, that a glass of wine is called for, we just walk over to our fridge which we filled with our favorite foods and drinks before we left home.

Not a bad week or so, is it?

Long versus Short trips as Seniors.

Presently,we are both in good condition, healthwise, considering our condition, that is. LOL!

And, honestly, we would love to take another, maybe year-long, coast-to-coast trip before we get just too darn old to do it.

But, unless someone wants to, literally, give us a Big Rig in good condition, along with a big bag of money for the trip expenses, we will probably be just taking, and enjoying, our shorter trips around Florida and the other fringe states here in the South.

And, my friends, "That Aint so bad!"

Planning camping Trips

Planning an RV Trip

© 2015 Don Bobbitt


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    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 2 years ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      You are a fun couple.

    • Don Bobbitt profile image

      Don Bobbitt 2 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Carb Diva- What my wife and I are realizing is that a day or weekend trip to an area, and staying in a hotel is not the way to really learn and enjoy yourself.

      But, we are finding that taking your time, having an RV that contains your favorite things and foods, along with the extra freedom you get with a secure campground and campsite is so much better. Oh, and much Cheaper, once you have an RV to call your home.

      Thanks for the read and comment,


    • Don Bobbitt profile image

      Don Bobbitt 2 years ago from Ruskin Florida

      Karen Hellier- Thanks for the read and nice comment.

      You know, now that you mention it, I should have put a couple of my pics in the article, and I probably will with my next edit/rewrite. Sad to say, I keep catching spelling and grammar errors, every time I read my stuff. LOL!

      Thanks again,


    • Carb Diva profile image

      Linda Lum 2 years ago from Washington State, USA

      I love all of your reasons for a short trip. Need to show this to my husband.

    • Karen Hellier profile image

      Karen Hellier 2 years ago from Georgia

      Very nice article. I was hoping you would have included some of those pictures from the Grand Canyon here to show people how beautiful the rest of the country is outside of their comfort zone. I always wanted an RV but it wasn't in my husband's comfort zone!

    • Edwin Thomas profile image

      Edwin Thomas 2 years ago from Somewhere on earth

      Beautiful hub... Well written

      Voted up