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Why you should be excited for Indonesian Badass Championship Unlocked

Updated on August 11, 2015

IBC Unlocked Super Main Event

IBC Unlocked Super Main Event: Fransino Tirta vs Herbert Burns
IBC Unlocked Super Main Event: Fransino Tirta vs Herbert Burns

Professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling event

Indonesian Badass Championship (IBC) is a newcomer in the fight promoting industry having launched its inaugural event late last year. On 17 August 2015, the promoter is holding 10 minute submission only event which is the first ever professional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling event in Indonesia on the country's 70th independence day. The event features world class match ups and is headlined by Indonesia's first ever homegrown BJJ black belt and an unbeaten MMA legend Fransino "Pitbull" Tirta versus a No-Gi BJJ world champion and an unbeaten One Championship featherweight title contender Herbert "The Blaze" Burns.

The nickname "Blaze" is not just for show. Herbert's grappling style is like no other in this region. He is aggressive with efficient and slick techniques, lightning fast transitions while maintaining complete control at all times regardless of the position he is in always leave his opponents unable to catch up with his speed and as a result become vulnerable to submissions. However, "Pitbull" is no slouch either. On his One Championship debut, Fransino submitted Egypt's MMA national champion with a Rear Naked Choke in just over a minute in the first round, proving that his BJJ skill is good enough for the highest international level of competition. This will make an exciting and explosive match between two very aggressive and among the very best in the region.

Who do you got? Take your pick for the winner of the Super Main event at the poll below.

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Main Event: Indonesian National Champion versus a former UFC TUF participant

The main event pairs UFC's The Ultimate Fighter alumni Allen Chong against Indonesia's National Submission Grappling Champion Hardian Kristiady. Kristiady is a leg lock specialist and have finished many of his opponents by a variety of leg locks from the bottom, while Chong has a very dangerous orthodox style with a very strong control from the top. This is a classic top vs bottom specialists with both fighters looking to finish each other with their respective specialties.

IBC Unlocked Main Event

IBC Unlocked Main Event: Hardian Kristiady vs Allen Chong
IBC Unlocked Main Event: Hardian Kristiady vs Allen Chong

Main Cards: Notable Fighters

In the main cards, Shinya Kakita, a very accomplished grappler who just won gold medals in a recent Taiwan BJJ / No Gi Championship was originally scheduled to face Gianni Subba, a One Championship superstar. However, Gianni Subba is out injured, and his brother Keanu Subba stepped up to face Shinya, Keanu is a 2x MIMMA featherweight champion with a 7-2 record , and almost all of his MMA fights end in KOs or submissions. Both are aggressive fighters who are always looking for the finishes, and this promises to be an explosive fight with non-stop actions in submission attempts.

Other notable fighters include Leo Krishna, Zuli Silawanto, Jerome S. Paye, Stefer Rahardian, and Vincent Martin with the latter producing a highlight reel finish with an electric chair transition to vaporizer in a local event this year.

Vincent Martin Highlight Reel Submission

In short, Indonesian Badass Championship Unlocked will be an explosive, all action event which pit some of Indonesian's best fighters against the best that the world has to offer. Not only the Indonesian fighters will have the home ground advantage, the fact that the event is on the nation's 70th Independence day may just serve to give the Indonesian fighters that extra boost to do their nation proud.


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