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Why specialize in youth sports? New Jersey athlete breaks all the rules.

Updated on September 14, 2012

Why Specialize in Youth Sports

The trend in youth sports to specialize athletes as early as possible has been widely reported. However, one athlete in New Jersey is turning that stereotype on its head. reported that this fall, Bryan Dobzanski will make his debut as a wide receiver for the Delsea Regional High School football team. He is also a baseball player and local wrestling star, placing third in the state in his weight class last year.

In fact, his impressive performance in wrestling is how Dobzanski ended up on the Crusaders. The wrestling and football teams share an assistant coach, Tom Maxwell, who made a deal with the promising young athlete that if he placed in the state wrestling tournament, he would try out for football.

Dobzanski is also a star pitcher, ending this season with 34 strikeouts in 38 innings pitched. He has reportedly received pushback from his baseball coach regarding the decision to play multiple sports, but told that he was undeterred and has big plans for his sports career.

"I didn't really think [giving up] wrestling would ever happen," Dobzanski told the source. "I've been wrestling my whole life, I have huge goals for that. Baseball is going to be my college thing, but I could hurt my arm and I might have to wrestle or even play football. So I want to get more experience in case I got hurt."

Though he has not played football since he was a child, Dobzanski expressed confidence that he would be up to speed by the start of the season and told the website that he is just happy to participate in his school's most celebrated sport.

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