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Why the NFL shouldn't go to 18 game schedule

Updated on January 12, 2011

NFL owners jeapordize the 2011 season

 A few weeks ago the NFL made a presentation to the NFL Players Association during a collective bargaining session in New York trying to convince them to go to an 18-game season. The NFL is calling it an "enhanced season."

Once the Super Bowl is over, the 2011 Season will be in serious limbo. The players aren't convince that this is a great idea. Here are a few reasons why they would like to keep the seasons at 16 games.

1) It doesn't benefit the players. If you want the players to cooperate, it has to benefit them. It actually may hurt more players. Injuries will sy rocket as more players play longer seasons. Tom Brady makes his opinion clear. "I’ve taken part in several postseason runs where we have played 20 games," Brady said. "The long-term impact this game has on our bodies is well documented. Look no further than the players that came before we did. Each player today has to play three years in order to earn five years of post-career health care. Our Union has done a great job of raising the awareness on these issues and will make the right decision for us players, the game and the fans.”

2) Games will mean less. College and High School programs have 10-14 games, and evey game counts. The Seattle Seahawks have proven you can lose lots of games and still get into the playoffs.When games mean less, attendence will wain. You can't take something great and make it greater by diluting it.

3) When does it stop? 20, 22, 24? Will the NFL be like the MLB in 20 yrs? The system works. The problem is owners want to make even more money-GREED. Their greed might just cost them the 2011 season.


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