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Why the Toronto Maple Leafs Will Win 2020 Stanley Cup

Updated on August 2, 2016
Auston Matthews - TML
Auston Matthews - TML | Source

Auston Matthews

There’s really no other reasons behind the reasoning for the 2020 deadline we’ve given this article title. At this point in time, you can expect that the young forward will be showcasing some of his much anticipated talent throughout the NHL. It should be around this time that Mr. Matthews is looking to hoist Lord Stanley’s cup above his head; fulfilling the dream that every young kid wishing to play in the show has.

He was picked 1st overall in this year’s draft so you can expect that the young gun is looking to prove himself early on in his career as one of the best choices a team could have made this selection phase. He has the size and the grit to be one of the best leaders in the NHL and seems to have an overall good understanding on how to handle the media’s bombardment of questions in the Toronto market. We expect that in 2020, Auston Matthews will be the captain of that year’s Stanley cup champions, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

William Nylander - TML
William Nylander - TML | Source

William Nylander

He’s another hyped prospect in the Leafs lineup that is looking to make his breakout this season. You can expect that this guy is going to be seeing a lot of ice time if he continues to play with the same intensity that he brought in his stint last season when Babcock & Co. called up the younger talent. Nylander is one of the guys that is going to shine as he continues to mature in the NHL.

In 2020, we expect that Nylander will be one of the top 10 scorers in the points column and will likely be on the second line in the Leafs roster. Rotating between positions, we would assume that Nylander would either center the second line or play the wing for a more seasoned top 6 center-man such as Nazem Kadri...which leads us into our next reason the Leafs will be crowned the victors of the 2020 NHL season.

Nazem Kadri - TML
Nazem Kadri - TML | Source

Nazem Kadri

We’re hoping that the kid is going to stick around and be with the Leafs in the 2020 season but one can only hope. Kadri and his tendencies of the past aren’t going to mix well with Babcock & Co. during the rebuild phase as we’ve already witnessed with the likes of Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf. Kadri is likely going to be a key asset in the rebuilding phase but we think his 2020 season will be the cutoff line if he doesn’t produce some top 3 production in points on the team.

Nazem will likely center the second line alongside Nylander who we think will take wing on most draws in the offensive zone, whereas we could see Babcock utilizing Nylander in draws through the neutral to defense zones. Kadri is a gifted goal scorer with a lot of heart, that’s why he’s likely be rocking an “A” on his jersey when the Leafs bring home the cup in 2020.

PS: Kadri will end up leading the Leafs in points in multiple seasons from this season through to 2020, where he'll likely sign or get traded to another franchise.

Mitch Marner - TML
Mitch Marner - TML | Source

Mitch Marner

The final key to the puzzle is going to be Marner. We believe that this prospect has exactly what is missing the Leafs lineup. If the Toronto management can gain some size and depth on the wings and in defense then the Leafs are going to be one team to mess with in the 2020 postseason.

Marner is the leading prospect right now for the Leafs among others in the squad, but his anticipated NHL debut is nearing as hinted by Babcock in some of the more recent press conferences. We're counting down the days until this season starts up but when 2020 hits, Leafs fans from all over are going to be watching Marner playing alongside the likes of Auston Matthews against opponents such as Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. 2020 is the season to anticipate if you're a newly enlightened Leafs fan; especially knowing Mitch Marner is coming up through the ladder.

Soshnikov - TML / After scoring a goal during his stint in the NHL
Soshnikov - TML / After scoring a goal during his stint in the NHL | Source

Nikita Soshnikov

Another amazing prospect that has just recently begun to show his true colors. The stint where Babcock and management called up the younger talent from the Marlies is when Soshnikov started turning the heads pro scouts throughout the NHL. A lot of Leafs fans are excited to see him debut in the NHL alongside his Marlie teammates like Nylander and Kapanen; two up and coming talents with a lot of poise.

Like Nylander, Matthews and Marner...Soshnikov isn't expected to really start producing prime numbers until the 2019-2020 season. This is crucial when you think about what the Leafs will be lacking during that season which is a hitting gritty sniper on the wing. Soshnikov will be bringing all of those qualities to the table in this 2020 season and we expect that he won't cost much towards the Leafs budget neither.


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