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Why you Shouldn't Learn to Surf

Updated on March 16, 2011

Do Not Learn to Surf

OK being a surfer for most of my life I have been asked by tons of  people to teach them to surf. So many of them never have thought about entering the ocean but when they see a surfer gliding effortlessly on a wave. They think it looks so easy and so much fun! Well yes and no.

As in all sports surfing takes practice and effort. Many people have a natural ability for sports such as surfing they feel at home in the water and they have good balance and timing. They are aware of rip currents and have a general knowledge and interest in the ocean. These type of people usually can learn to surf n a few sessions. And if they keep up with surfing they can have a life time of surfing pleasure.

I have had the pleasure of meeting 100s of people that have never even been in the ocean that hink that they would like to give it a try.  Some of these people do OK. But most of them are dreaming. You really have to love being in the ocean to be a surfer.

You will also want to be reminded that every time you enter the ocean you become food, Ha Ha Yes you become part of the food chain if you know what I mean !

These are a few things to think about if you are contemplating learning to surf. I love to surf, its my life. I feel more comfortable in the water than I do in front of the TV. Get to know yourself you might be surprised. Most people do not think of surfing as a soul searching and personal growth activity. Think again ;-)

This could also be you. If so then you might also have the heart of a surfer! Follow your heart and you could also be living the life that you desire.  Surfs up!

Heart of a Surfer


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  • salt profile image

    salt 7 years ago from australia

    Id note here, that sharks usually go for men not women and compared to the number of surfers globally, very few are taken. The water is a wonderful place and learning to surf is great fun, exhilarating and those who master the sport, magic!