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Wii Love Playing Baseball In The Winter

Updated on October 30, 2011

Football season is here and the kids baseball season is wrapping up. But the kids love baseball and have no interest in football, or hockey or even soccer. So what can you do to help them continue some sort of baseball activity during the winter?

I know what you are thinking. In the northern part of the country it gets cold by the first few weeks in November and you can have snow and it's dark early in the evening. How can you possibly play baseball then?

Well, what I'm proposing is not to go outside and play baseball but to do it inside by goint to the indoor batting cages or playing the Wii playstation at home. Let's discuss them both:

Take Your Kids To The Batting Cages

One of the things you can do is take the kids to the batting cages. When teaching kids baseball, this type of activity is an excellent way to perfect your kids baseball swing. The disadvantages to going to the baseball cages is that it cost money and can get expensive if you do it regularly.

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is an outstanding way to enhance your kids baseball skills all year round. I know because I play with my children and it is amazing how realistic it is.

I find it to be as great way to have your baseball kids practice their hand to eye coordination and batting skills.

But the Wii provides something that nothing else can. It can provide an outlet for the whole family. It's as really good source to share some family fun.

So you don't have to stop teach kids baseball during the winter months - turn to WII.


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