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Wildcard Round 2012 Picks.

Updated on January 5, 2013

The modern NFL is a passing league.
The best teams are the ones with elite Quarterbacks.
The Green Bay Packers have Aaron Rodgers.
The New England Patriots have Tom Brady.
The Denver Broncos have Peyton Manning.
These teams are the ones who get picked to win Super Bowls, these are the teams who sell the most jerseys, and these are the teams who win the most games.
The modern NFL is a passing league, and in order to be elite, you need an elite passer.
Every year, teams trade up, spend millions of dollars, and do whatever it takes to get "the next Peyton Manning" or "the next Tom Brady".
75% of the time? You end up with JaMarcus Russel, Matt Lienart, Mark Sanchez. Busts, QBs that never live up to the hype, and never win the big game.
Another 15 percent? Average QBs. Guys who make a few plays, occasionally winning the big one, but don't end up in Canton.
But every now and then... A team gets... luck-y, and they get a star QB.
This year?...
Three teams got their star QB.
After a 2-14 season, the Colts selected Stanford stand-out Andrew Luck to take over for Peyton Manning.
After trading their premium draft picks for the next few years to the Rams, the Redskins got Heisman trophy winner, Robert Griffin the Third to make the Skins relevant in the NFC East for the first time in almost twenty years.
And the Seahawks used a third round pick on Russell Wilson, an undersized understudy to off-season pick-up, Matt Flynn.

All three of those teams made the playoffs, RG3's Redskins even won their division.
Pretty impressive right?
Even more so?
The Minnesota Vikings?
DIdn't have an Andrew Luck, a Russell Wilson, not even a Peyton or Rodgers.
They didn't have a good QB...
They had a MVP... A super star...
Adrian Peterson came 9 yards short of breaking the NFL record for rushing yards in a single season, he outrushed his star QB, and somehow, in the superior NFC, he single-handedly carried his Vikings to the playoffs.

Unfortunately, in the end, AP's 2,000 yards, these three incredible rookies, and even the wily old vets can't all win. They've made it this far, but at the end of the day...

There can be only one.

Bengals at Texans- Bengals.
God, this game is so boring in comparison. The Texans defense is wildly overrated. They've been struggling against the pass, Matt Schaub has been terrible over the last four games, and they can't get seem to get a pass rush from anywhere but J.J. Watt. I don't see the Texans defense keeping up with A.J. Green and the Law firm.

Colts at Ravens- Ravens.
I honestly considered picking the Colts. They are a much cleaner team than the Ravens, but... Luck has been struggling recently, the Colts defense struggles against the run, and Ray Lewis hyper-motivated this team to come out and spank the Colts in his last home game. Ravens win by 9. Yes, 9.

Vikings at Packers- Packers.
Look, unfortunately, the story has already been written for this game. The Packers will stack up against Peterson, lineman, linebackers, safeties, all in the box. Christian Ponder will have to beat the Packers secondary by himself, while competing with the Packers offense. The game won't be close. There's no way that Ponder outscores Rodgers.

Seahawks at Redskins- Seahawks.
This is my favorite wildcard game. Two rookie QB's squaring off in the nations capital for a shot to move on to the divisional round. It's gonna be so much fun. However... The Seahawks are simply a better team. Morris barely had more yards despite playing weaker defenses and having 20 more carries than Lynch. RG3 completed only six more passes than Wilson despite throwing the same amount, RG3 had less than 90 yards more and 6 touchdowns less than Wilson and Wilson was in a pro style offense, not a variation of the pistol. The Hawks beat the Patriots, Packers, Bears, 49ers, and Vikings, they didn't get a cupcake schedule including the AFC North or every 4th place team in the NFC, in a division with overrated teams like Dallas or Philly. I think R "Dubya" Three teaches his rookie counterpart what a real QB looks like.


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    • profile image

      annie gelderman 5 years ago

      Please be wrong about the Vikings. Please, please, please be wrong abou the Vikings.