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Wildlife Food Plot Seeds | Deer | Turkey | Deer Scent Lures | Guaranteed

Updated on September 15, 2012
Big Buck Binge Deer Food Plot Seed
Big Buck Binge Deer Food Plot Seed
Buck Fest Perennial Deer Plot Seed
Buck Fest Perennial Deer Plot Seed
Clover Buffet Deer Food Plot Seed
Clover Buffet Deer Food Plot Seed
Rack Snack Deer Mineral
Rack Snack Deer Mineral
Rejuvenate Food Plot Fertilizer
Rejuvenate Food Plot Fertilizer
Turkey Attack Food Plot Seed
Turkey Attack Food Plot Seed
Deer Lures
Deer Lures

Wildlife food plots are not only for hunting but wildlife watchers and photographers as well.

What happens when you take hunting, organic farming and sustainable living experiences into developing your own food plots and deer herd management? Probably one of the most respected wild game food plot companies in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania.

This is one of the best kept hunter’s secrets you won’t see anywhere else in the national marketing spotlight for game plot seeds.

This conservative Amish company has spent years learning and perfecting their proprietary seed blends to produce some of the best and thickest food plots available anywhere on the market.

What the Rough Ridge Company may lack in national name recognition they have made up in the quality of their food plot seeds, minerals and deer lures. In fact the people at Rough Ridge are so confident in their products they actually guarantee them.

The owner and developer of these fine food plot products have devoted many years of research development and testing to develop this deer management and wild game product line.

Rough Ridge also makes a seed mix especially designed to attract wild turkeys.

They not only make the products but they also depend on them to keep meat on the table for their self sustainable lifestyle.

They use all their own Deer Mineral Supplement, Deer Food Plot Seed Mixes and Deer Attractants, Lures and Scents in their area hunting areas.

Other hunters gravitate to the Rough Ridge Company and dealers who carry their products across the Midwest.

Rough Ridge even carries their own propriety food plot fertilizer: Rejuvenate Fertilizer, a deer food plot fertilizer.

This blend has been proven to rejuvenate weak or long abandon soils to promote new healthy vegetation. Rejuvenate Fertilizer has brought new life to the deer population seeking these lush deer plots.

Deer love clover and Rough Ridge has developed an irresistible clover blend. Clover Buffet Food Plot Seed is fast growing and grows thick. This is a perennial seed that keeps on giving.

Clover Buffet Food Plot Seed contains a mix of, Pinnacle Ladino Clover, Jumbo Ladino Clover, and Crusade White Clover. Just five pounds will cover approximately 1/2 acre.

Clover Buffet is available in 5lb, 10lb and 50lb containers.

Rough Ridge Buck Fest deer food plot seed contains a mix of grasses and legumes to provide a long term high protein grazing mixture that keeps deer coming back for more. You can almost set your clock for the next grazing. Nine pounds covers ½ acre. This is also a Perennial seed.

Rough Ridge Big Buck Binge deer food plot seed mix contains a unique seed mixture including purple top turnips.

This is a perfect late season mix that will maintain a herd in a high energy and high protein food source even into the hard winter months.

Big Buck Binge is available in 5lb, 10lb and 50lb containers. Five pounds will do up to ½ acre.

Rough Ridge Turkey Attack food plot seed was developed for wild turkeys but attracts, grouse, pheasant, quail and even deer.

Turkey Attack contains a mixture of sunflower seeds, grain sorghum, buckwheat, and millet.

Turkey Attack makes an excellent food plot for those who cross over into the different seasons.

Turkey Attack is one of the most popular food plot seed mixes for Rough Ridge. Many wildlife conservation managers depend on this mix to provide an excellent food source as well as cover.

Fifteen pounds of Turkey Attack will cover up to ½ acre. It is available in 15lb and 50lb containers.

Rough Ridge Rack Snack is a mineral supplement developed for maximum performance in deer herd management. The unique propriety blends in Rack Snack have outperformed other brands in both how long it last and in the concentration of the minerals it provides.

Rack Snack helps develop trophy racks and healthy deer, it not only provides the minerals it attracts deer to your feeding spot.

Use Rack Snack year round to scout out your next trophy buck.

Both hunters and professional wildlife photographers use Rack Snack to get that perfect shot.

Rack Snack is available in 5lb, 20lb, and 40lb containers.

The Rough Ridge Company is not only famous for their food plot seeds; they also extract and bottle some of the best deer lure scents available anywhere.

In fact their deer lure scents are so popular the supplies are limited to a first come first served basis, available only from October through December.

Rough Ridge Lures are available in 2oz bottles.

Rough Ridge Doe-In-Heat Scent is an estrus packed lure that brings bucks in looking for the doe in heat. It is one of the most successful lures to attract the trophy bucks.

Rough Ridge Line Trail Deer Attractant provides a powerful musk that brings other bucks looking for a challenge to their domain.

Rough Ridge Rut Deer Lure is another musk lure that will bring other bucks storming in looking for their foe. Even the most dominant buck can’t resist this rut deer lure.

You can purchase these Rough Ridge Products at Cottage Craft Works .Com


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