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Will Alex Smith outlive his fiasco in S.F.?

Updated on June 3, 2014

His early days in S.F.

Alex smith was drafted as the number 1 pick in 2005 by the 49ers. He was projected as a starter right away. The 49ers didn't have any veteran QB's on their roster to help or guide Alex through the in and outs of pro football. Alex was somewhat thrown to the lions and was expected to be successful. His first 5 seasons in the league he had 5 different coordinators. How was he suppose to overcome learning a new system every year and be productive? With injuries and the inability to adjust, Smith struggled to impress. As a diehard 49er fan who supported Alex, I couldn't understand why the front office made a fiasco out of him! 49er fans hated Alex, they thought he was suppose to come in and win a championship. Sorry folks, it takes leadership from the top to the bottom. Championships are built on leadership, confidence, talent and making plays. The Niners were not ready to handle a rookie QB and made a fiasco out of Alex!

Alex in SF

Harbaugh Comes to Town

Jim Harbaugh was hired by the Niners in 2011 as head coach along with Greg roman as offensive coordinator. Alex was a free agent but signed a 1 year deal worth 5 million to stay in SF. Smith was named their starter by Harbaugh. Alex didn't have a stellar year stat wise but took the 49ers to the playoffs with a record of 13-3. Harbaugh and Roman were able to give Smith the confidence and tools he needed to succeed. He played well enough to get another contract for 3 years worth 24 million. Alex managed the game well but was still criticized for not taking more chances. Harbaugh wanted to win by playing stellar defense and milking the clock on offense. That's what they did and it worked. They went from a laughing stock to a playoff team in a years time, one game away from the Super Bowl.

Alex in SF

Pre Harbaugh Alex and the 49ers were a laughing stock of the NFL

Harbaugh gave Alex the tools to become successful

Alex left town with his head held high and with confidence

2012 Season

The 2012 season started off just like the previous season but didn't ended the way Alex wanted! Alex was having a great season until he got a concussion against the Rams. Kaepernick replaced him at QB and played well enough to become the starter for the rest of the season. Alex played well enough his last 2 seasons in SF that he would be a valid starter elsewhere in the NFL. After the 2012 season the Chiefs hired Andy Reid as their coach and made a trade for Alex smith.

Alex Impresses


QB rating
Alex Smith did not play the 2008 season

The Trade

Andy Reid became the new coach of the KC Chiefs and knew he wanted Smith. The Chiefs traded for Smith and became their starter. Reid is a great coach like Harbaugh who knows how to get a QB to perform to their best ability. Alex is surrounded by some good weapons and an awesome defense to back him up. Alex's first season in KC lead to a playoff run and possibly many more to come. This is his chance to make a name for himself and the fans to love him.

Legacy in KC

Can Alex be a legacy in KC

See results

Can Alex be a legacy in KC

Can Alex have his seasons in KC more memorable than those awful ones in SF? Does he have what it takes to win a championship? Will the fans love and adore him? Only time will tell and with that I wish Alex the best of luck.

Alex in KC

Will his stay in KC outshine his fiasco in SF

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What do you think about Alex Smith?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Good Article!

    • Beauty language profile image

      Amber Jackson 

      4 years ago from Raleigh, NC

      Nice hub! Very well written

    • Kevinjackson47 profile imageAUTHOR

      Kevin Jackson 

      4 years ago from North Carolina

      It's always great to somebody succeed when you knew the talent was there. I supported Alex and knew he was never giving a chance to be successful. KC is a good fit for him and hope he has a great career

    • ParadigmEnacted profile image


      4 years ago

      Very well done.

      The consensus seems to be that Alex is an adequate to above average QB. He already started making a good legacy for himself in San Francisco and Kansas City now looks like the best fit for him that he can hope for.

      He seems more confident there and takes way more chances down the field. Were he as good in San Francisco he'd still be there.

      If only Kaepernick could pass to his running backs as effectively.


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