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Dwight Howard to the Chicago Bulls

Updated on February 5, 2012

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard | Source

Dwight Howard to the Chicago Bulls, will this truely benefit Howard or the Bulls? Your first thought is yes of course! The best center and the best point guard together in the same team? That is a scary thought! But when you think about what the Bulls might have to give up for Howard, it might not be as rosey as it seems.

The Chicago Bulls are currently 20-6 with so far the longest road matches played so far in the league and the most back to back games in the league and yet they are the first team to reach 20 wins for the season. While in addition to all this they have only had there best starting lineup in 5 times, compared to the Miami Heat who have had there best starting lineup almost every time! Yet the media are panicking about the Bulls, when they have the best record in the NBA with those difficult stats against them that I just mentioned. So thus the Dwight Howard saga is coming up.

Dwight Howard has clearly stated as the New Jersey Nets, Los Angeles Lakes and the Dallas Mavericks as his preferred teams while also stating that he would play alongside Derrick Rose in Chicago. Dwight's reasons for leaving Orlando are that he wants to win championships and he does not feel that the Magic can give him this option. That is a little puzzling considering the Nets are going terribly this season in spite of having Deron Williams, the Lakers are in decline and Kobe Bryant only has a couple more years left and the Mavericks have also got Dirk Nowitzki who is still great, but in decline. Which brings us to the Bulls, the bulls have clearly got the best package deal for Orlando to take, and the upside for Chicago seems to be large with accquiring Dwight Howard, but is it really?

Howard has lately come out and stated that he feels like his teamates aren't trying, that is a big thing to state in the media, that kind of stuff tends to happen behind closed doors. You are never at this stage of time going to hear that from this Bulls team, they are a very tight nit group who are trying to win the title through teamwork and not star players such as the Miami Heat. For Howard to come to Chicago mid-season, this could greatly disrupt this mainly off the court but as well as on it.

Now lets talk about the bulls side of things, they would have to give up a large amount to be givin Dwight Howard by the Magic. A likely trade including Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah and Loul Deng, firstly 3 players are not worth 1! Even a guy as good as Dwight Howard, Taj Gibson is one of the best shot blockers in the league and provides great bench power. Joakim Noah had a slow start to the season but is now earning is career double-double numbers and is a very good defender. And Loul Deng by-himself is almost as worth as much as Dwight Howard, he his described by Derrick Rose as the "glue" of the Chicago Bulls and any players that averages around 17-20 points per game as high value.

So would the Dwight Howard to the Chicago Bulls work? Not likely, it would cost the Bulls far to much and could ruin the chemistry of arguably the best team in the NBA at the moment, the Bulls are better off trying to gain Dwight Howard through free agency at the end of the season if he is still available, that way they will be able to keep players such as Deng and have the addition of Howard, now that is a scary thought.


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