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Will overcome all, just love and trust each other

Updated on March 24, 2016

When things are far away, you will be hard to grasp, but believing in yourself ... the water is so yeucung as very elusive but extremely sweet that soothe the soul .... "

I remembered that I had read it in a newspaper on a trip to Sapa redevelopment last year. Last night I remembered it, and think about you


We love each other and nearly 1000 days, said the figure 1000 is small and yet work out so well for more than three years. Three years with how remembrance, where three injured contrition with which hon bags, three years with how distant, how difficult three years ... and pass the current to the feelings you feel your heart is terrific often.


I love you, love far, far away ... but three years a great feeling in my heart it calloused then, it was known whether vibrations, nothing else to love again ... And yet it still hurts found blow. Known genetic problem known argues, still annoyed after he posted pictures of the smaller overall, still frustrated when he rep message slowly, still sobbing in each of his message, still love him very much.

I feel real bad, did not care to be near him ... so that every time something happens to also do his anger to sadness, as he must be in pain.

I found myself so bad, he could only remember the crying times, times like I just want to get him out of the computer screen that embrace, stopped the other anxious thoughts away.

kiss love
kiss love

Every time when I go out to see them come together they hugged them they hold hands together ... I was sad then think he is like you, sir, he was so sad right? to then smiled one and go forward .. there sometimes, I stopped again and tears fall, I wish that they split off to go, do not be like that in front of you any more attention. His true selfish too.

He loves him so much I do not know ... the northern sky day rain in the South, I know you are under the blazing hot sun, sun Whenever severe arctic north in his body is back in a torrent of rain Torrential. Then when you're back in school, he was worked hard for life ... two skies, two periods and the distance ... sometimes I'm afraid all the things that will push us away together. But I believe in myself, I believe in love ... and you yourself believe you.

when I was little I loved to play sports. every time I came home from school, I just want to burst into the football field alone. I love my family. I have all my family of 6 people, including my parents and grandparents and my brother. I just wanted to HubPages is the first experience for themselves learning how to make money online. hit the track and see all help me, please .cam Thank you very much for looking at my profile. if you need me, you can contact at my facebook in the top right corner path records offline. thanks a lot.


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