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Windsurfing -A adventure surface water sport

Updated on June 28, 2011

Windsurfing for Beginners

Similar to various other water sports, windsurfing also cannot be started without expert guidance. This surface water sport involves both surfing and sailing.Windsurfing is done with a surfboard whose length varies from 2 to 4 meters with a triangular sail tied to it.

Longer surfboards are usually used by the beginners. And as the surfers gain experience they are able to sail with smaller boards. Before starting with windsurfing a person must learn how to sail a board; only when a person is thorough with sailing a board he would be able to do windsurfing. Climate plays a very important factor in this sport. Since the driving force here is wind, it is vital to get into it when the wind is favorable.


Learn Windsurfing

In order to learn windsurfing, it is essential for you to have knowledge about the equipments used in this sport. If you are familiar with the equipments, you will be able to understand their working properly. Windsurfing basically involves two main equipments, one is the board and the other is the ring. To start surfing one must understand the direction of the wind and then place the surfboard in the water accordingly to step on it swiftly. Beginners may find it difficult to maintain the balance, however once you learn to balance the surfboard as per the wind’s direction you will start enjoying this surface water sport.

Coaching Institution for Windsurfing

There are various institutes that offer coaching on windsurfing. It is true that windsurfing is a difficult sport, but at the same time the entire experience of learning and getting trained in this water sport is enjoyable. Remember, you should not be afraid of tripping from the surfboard. It is very natural for a novice to fall of from the board a couple of times while trying to learn how to balance on it. Make sure you do not lose confidence after a few falls, in fact you should enjoy the falls and be ready for the adventure awaiting you.

Windsurfing Tips

Windsurfing coaches provide you with a few safety tips that are helpful while trying to learn the basics and also when you go into the deep water on your own. Few of these safety tips are mentioned below:

  • You must wear a life jacket and a safety helmet; this is a must for the beginners.
  • Listen very carefully to the instructions given by your trainer and surf accordingly.
  • Start with a bigger surfboard and reduce the length of the surfboard as you gain experience.
  • There are various surfboards available in the market; opt for the one that is suitable as per the wind condition in which you would be surfing.
  • Make sure you surf at a good distance from the boats and other such things that can cause hurdle or accident.


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      Hi tectonic,

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      Ben Zoltak 7 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      Huh, interesting, I'd like to learn to windsurf someday. How about kite-surf? I'd also do this.