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Wing Chun Skill

Updated on July 30, 2016

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About Wing Chun Kung Fu
About Wing Chun Kung Fu | Source

Wing Chun India

Although skill, relaxation, balance and smooth way of movement all ply their part in wing chun martial art’s technique and very important part is played by each – there is one essential to success which I have not mentioned that is speed. At first as your study wing chun martial art concentrate on general theory and devote all your efforts towards building up a good style but ones you are satisfied that your technique is sound you must trry and obtain speed and wing chun skilled more speed.

For ground based technique take each throw in turn and try it slowly, stopping when you reach the stage when your opponent is just about to fall. Now try again faster – step back and try again……more time. At this stage you will be feeling pretty tired so let your opponent have a turn on you and then again yourself. Speed is essential to success and must be build up but never at the expense of smoothness of movements.

We can develop our speed and perfectness through stance and movement.

Stances and foot movements: Yi ji Keem Young Ma is Chinese name it’s called in English Training Stance.

Biu Ma (Arrow Stance) : this stance is provide stability.

Huen Ma (Circling, a foot "sweep" from Biu Tze form) : It’s a mixture of stance and movements provide balance and speed.

For development of speed one of the best way known as the center line theory.


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