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Wing Chun and JKD Short-Range Punching vs. Aggressive Behavior: Old School Martial Arts In The Modern Era

Updated on November 21, 2016

Wing Chun is both a widely popular martial arts with scores upon scores of practitioners all across the world. The art also has its detractors and, quite honestly, if you are not a fan of Chinese martial arts then Wing Chun is not your bag. The Jeet Kune Do world has a scattershot approach to Wing Chun training. For those in the JKD community who do wish to explore the art, the best advice to be given is look beyond worn out, boring instruction and delve into the bare-knuckle striking of the art.

You may also wish to expand your original perceptions regarding what limb trapping and sticky hands energy drills are used for. I made a YouTube video to offers some atypical insights into the use of Wing Chun for self-defense.

By self-defense, we are specifically addressing the issues of thuggery and aggressive behavior. In this case, the focus is on shoves that set up sucker punches. Sticking with common attacks helps you get the most out of your short-range punching.

Here are some things stressed in the video:

Wing Chun Kung Fu vs. Thug Fu

Wing Chun as a Close-Quarters Combat Art

A common misconception about Wing Chun is the art deals exclusively with "trapping" and limb immobilizations. Wing Chun focuses on close-quarters combat and, yes, this does include limb immobilizations. The art of Wing Chun also entails a great deal of short-range punching, kicking, and, to some degree, locks and sweeps.

Focusing on short-range punches, eye jabs, and palm strikes along with front kick stomps and oblique kicks are heavily stressed in traditional and modern forms of Wing Chun. In JKD circles, the focus is almost always on traditional reference point trapping and little else. Going beyond the superficial and looking at a wider spectrum of the art provides a better understanding of what skills a student should primarily focus on.

The Brief Moment of Chi Sao

Do not confuse the drill of rolling in the chi sao structure with the application the drill is intended. Wing Chun stresses attacking the centerline and this has to be the main purpose of training chi sao. Jeet Kune Do students who train chi sao should also stress attacking the centerline or else the drill deviates from its primary strategic purpose.

While the structure of the roll may break down, the ability to maintain hand positioning in the four gates is possible. From the connection or contact points, your short-range punches may find their way to a target on the centerline.

Redirection of Energy and the Concept of Broken Structure

Incoming energy that is overwhelming should be re-directed. (Consider this a yoga and Zen inspired component from the classical Chinese arts that finds its way into the system) This can even be done as a means of recovering your structure after it has been broken. Breaking structure and knocking opponent's off balance are other important aspects of Wing Chun.

When, Where, and Why

The three "W's" are a cliche in the martial arts realm, yet they are critically important. I try to focus on why certain moves are best at certain specific times. Some moves are better than others at certain times and instances.



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    • NateB11 profile image

      Nathan Bernardo 3 years ago from California, United States of America

      Good detail on Wing Chun and JKD principles. I enjoyed it.

      Video didn't play for me. Just letting you know.


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