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Help on how to win money at horse racing

Updated on February 6, 2015

You can either attend a horse racing meeting, watch it on-line or on television. No matter where you are, the important thing is to pick those horses that are going to be winners.

There is no science to picking a winner, it's lots of luck, a little bit of research and instinct. If you try to find the pattern, then you might have a better chance of picking some winning horses.

Attending a horse racing event is a fun day out.
Attending a horse racing event is a fun day out. | Source

Horse racing meetings are popular in every country. Each country now have their own annual events that will attract massive amounts of visitors.

Also a lot of cities also hold their own meetings. In Ireland there are numerous horse racing events held throughout the year in many counties.

Some of the most popular ones are Fairground Grand National, Punchestown, Curragh, Galway but to name a few.

Horse Racing History

It is said that in early eighteenth century three Arabian Stallions imported from the UK were bred with native horses in Ireland to produce better quality horses.

So in some way all racehorses are distantly related.

Types of Horse Racing

There are five types of horse racing used today. They are Flat Racing, Point to Point, Steeplechase, National Hunt/Jump Racing and Hurdle.

Steeplechase horse racing
Steeplechase horse racing | Source

Hurdle horse racing

This is racing were horses jump obstacles (hurdles) that are 3 feet 1 inches in height and there can be a minimum of 8 hurdles in a race. This race is run over a flat surface.

Steeplechase horse racing

This type or horse racing involves horses having to jump over different size fences and ditches on a flat surface.

Flat horse racing

This is racing over a distance. It is usually measured in furlongs. It usually takes place in the summer months as the weather is always better. The type of ground could be natural grass surface (turf) or synthetic surface (for all types of weather). Note : 1 Furlong = 220 yards.

Point to Point horse racing

This could be described as Steeplechase racing for amateur riders. During the Spring and Autumn in Ireland horses run over fences in the country farmlands. It is not a designed training ground, it is the rustic countryside at its best.

National Hunt/Jump horse racing

This can be done any time of the year but November to April is the most popular months for it to take place. Horses matured slowly and who are aged between 4-5 years take part in this type of racing. The distance is 2 miles and there are a number of obstacles they are required to jump over.

Win lots of money at the races

If you pick the right horse you will be a big winner on the day.
If you pick the right horse you will be a big winner on the day. | Source

How to pick a Winning Horse

When deciding to pick a horse to bet on there are a number of things you should consider.

  1. Just because it is a favourite with the bookies doesn't mean it could win.
  2. Make sure you do your research on who you plan on betting on. There is no point putting any amount of money on a horse if he/she hasn't been considered as a contender.
  3. Go online to the sports section of newspapers and see what tips each reporter is giving on the horses competing. You will see a trend on the most popular horses and this is your template to start with.
  4. Also go to different gaming websites that let you bet online and see what the odds are and who is the favourite according to them. Each online gaming site might have different odds and this could work in your favour giving you more or less if the horse you pick wins.
  5. When you have narrowed it down to your favourite horses, you decide how much you want to bet. Beware if the horse you picked doesn't win, you lose your money.
  6. If you are a beginner in horse racing I advise you to start small. Most online betting sites let you deposit as little as 10euro to begin with. So I suggest betting no more than 1euro or 2euro at the beginning. Then if you lose this, it doesn't feel like a lot.

Odds of Racing

Pick The Best Horse
Pick The Best Horse | Source

Understanding How Odds Work

When you see these odds 9/1 and 14/2 in relation to horse racing, do you know what they mean.

When you see 9/1 odds on a horse it means that if you bet 1euro on the horse you will get 9euro plus the 1euro you bet back. So your winning will be 10euro. If you bet 5 euro, you would get 50euro back. You multiply 5euro by 9 which is 45 and add your 5 you bet to get your 50euro.

This is the same theory with 14/2. What happens in this situation is you divide 14 by 2 which is 7. You bet 1euro so your winning will be 8euro.

It's as simple as that. So if you see a horse with odds 30/1, it means they are the furthest away from winning so bookies place high odds on them winning.


Horse racing is like any other sport, as long as you have some idea of what is behind it and you know how to pick the best from the bunch you always have that chance that the horse you pick might be a winner.

© 2011 Sp Greaney


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    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 3 years ago from Ireland

      It sure does steve, :)

    • profile image

      steve 3 years ago

      money talks ,

    • sangre profile image

      Sp Greaney 4 years ago from Ireland

      @ foodandculture, thanks for you comment. You are correct when you say that, and I think sometimes doing your homework in advance of going to the races is a good idea.

    • foodandculture profile image

      foodandculture 4 years ago

      Horse racing is such an exciting sport to watch! What makes it even more exciting is if you have some bets to watch out for. However, we must not rely solely on luck if we wish to win from some horse racing bets. We must also study each horse, their performance, how the jockeys manage the races, etc. Of course, it also goes without saying that the horses' racing history should be taken into consideration, too.

      For more information on horse racing bets, you can visit This site has regular updates about free bets and bonus offers.