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Winning Brings Confidence In Golf - But You First Need Confidence To Win.

Updated on June 15, 2016

I talked with one of the pros at the Gulf Harbour Golf Club in Gulf Harbour, New Zealand who knows Lydia Ko and watched her practice for several years at Gulf Harbour in her early teens. Gulf Habour recently held a Lydia Ko Golf Tournament for young amateur golfers. Entrants came from many countries like Korea, Taiwan, China, Australia, the US, etc. The young boy and girl golfers ranged in age from 9 years to 14 and had to qualify for it and have an official handicap under 7.

I asked the pro if there were any young stars he might have seen in this recent Lydia Ko Tournament who were like Lydia when she was in this age range. He told me Lydia was similar to all of the young golfers in the tournament but her win as an amateur at the Canadian Open gave her the confidence she needed to show herself she could win playing against the very best.

The early Lydia Ko


A Big Win Against The Best Will Surely Do It.

The pro explained Lydia, at the age of 15, won the Canadian Open against the best lady golfers in the world. Lydia knew from that point on she had the ability to win at the highest level and the rest is history as she continues to excel in her career.

So How Do I Get Confidence?


It's Not Hard To Get Confidence: Try These Four Things

  • Have a good positive attitude. Don't let any negative thoughts enter your mind. If negative thoughts enter your mind, replace them with absolutely positive thoughts.
  • Make sure your friends are all positive and don't associate with negative people or acquaintances. They will lower your confidence level.
  • Each night before you go to sleep, write down on a sheet of paper what you want to accomplish and put it on the nightstand next to you. When you wake up, your mind will tell you what to do and you have to write it down quickly. Your subconscious actually solves problems when you sleep but when you first wake in the morning, the solution(s) come in very fleeting thoughts in your head that will dissolve in 30 seconds from the time you awake. So write your thoughts quickly on the sheet of paper you left on the nightstand. Try this and you'll be amazed.
  • Always, take pride in yourself and your appearance and keep your posture erect (chest out, chin up, and hold your head high). Simply act confidently and relaxed and you will be.

At Last, Confidence!


But there's always ups and downs in life. How do I pick myself up after something bad happens?

It's been said many times, you should treat winning and loosing the same. They are both impostors. Remember the worst thing about winning is that it's only temporary and the good thing about losing is the same: it's only temporary.

Transformation to being a confident person is a process, and there are lots of ups and downs. Treat it as discovery - one day you're on top and the next day you're in despair. A great positive attitude will guide you through it all and enjoy the ride.

In dealing with disappointments in life, it's best to have a special place you can visit in your mind to help you through the tough times. A place in your head where you feel safe and relaxed. For example, I know a golfer who forces himself to clear his head after a bad shot or a serious mistake by picturing a clear blue with white puffy clouds in his mind which makes him relax and after repeatedly doing the clear blue sky routine, he finds himself automatically going into a relaxed mode.

Others like to laugh or think of a favorite joke or a funny situation. Laughing may be the last thing you want to do, but try it and you'll be surprised how you become relaxed and how easy it becomes to focus on the next shot.

Relax and Things Will Get Easier


You're The Best When You're Relaxed

When you put yourself in a relaxed state it's easier to think. You don't have to pressure yourself, just enjoy the things you're passionate about and things get easier. If you sincerely find something in life extremely enjoyable, then continue to pursue it. You'll find happiness will automatically follow!.

And Don't Be Afraid To Push The Envelope!


Dream and Do Things That You Think Are Amazing

There's no limit to the things you can do in life. Keep a positive attitude and enjoy whatever you like to it's fullest.

Remember To Laugh


Here's a Great Golf Joke Book For Some Great Laughs. Get It And Keep It In Your Golf Bag.


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