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Winning is not everything

Updated on June 5, 2012

Will I be able to win, is it the difficult situation I am put in, is my opponent strong, is the target big enough, will failures ruin my career? These types of questions come to your mind when you are up against the tough opponent or in a difficult situation. But these are the doubts that arise due to the lack of self-confidence. No situation is tough or no opponent is strong unless you see them with a different perspective. Previously someone must have been put in the same situation and must have passed the toughest test of their lives. So why you consider yourself incompetent for anything. Don’t think the failure will always be the biggest hurdle to your success. To overcome the fear of being a failure is biggest hurdle to success. You need to have a positive mindset for coming out with the flying colors. Someone might appear novice in the first attempt and might give up easily. But in the second try, one will not be outplayed simply. In the second try, one would realize that the more effort was put in compared to the first attempt. Such realization will give you enough courage and strength to face the situation for the third time. Third time will bring you close to the victory but you might not be victorious. Rather than giving up, give hard time to your opponent or situation. As in this try, you will be all prepared, mentally and physically, to overcome the challenge. Even if you are not succeeded in your last try, once again go for it as you came close to winning but anyhow failed to do so. If you have luck you might win one day but if you don’t have courage to participate or face the situation or opponent, you will never win no matter how lucky you are. Hence the matter of the fact is that WINNING IS NOT EVERYTHING, BUT PARTICIPATING IS EVERYTHING.


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    • sonison profile image

      sonison 4 years ago from Heaven 7

      Thanks for the appreciation.

    • baygirl33 profile image

      victoria 5 years ago from Hamilton On.

      Your knowledgeable hub is saying to me "Do not panic because you failed once." You need to try many times before you can really genuinely say you succeeded at anything. Practice makes perfect in other words.

      So we must get ourselves up,shake off the dust and start all over again. like the old song says.

      Good hub. Keep writing!

    • sonison profile image

      sonison 5 years ago from Heaven 7

      That's prefectly right.

    • TINA V profile image

      TINA V 5 years ago

      I agree with you; winning is not everything, but it is the person's contribution that is more important. Just want to share one of my favorite quote, "It is not the times that we stumble and fall that counts, but it is the times that we rise from each fall that matters." Good hub!