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XXII Winter Olympics Review

Updated on February 26, 2014

Sochi Russia 2014

Beautiful, breath taking country side.
Beautiful, breath taking country side.

Sochi Russia Elevated View

This is where it all began, the bargaining, the reasoning, The Opening Ceremony, and The Competition. Sochi Russia is where athletic showmanship proved to be the strength of its people for this season of the Olympics.

Fisht Olympic Stadium, the beautiful bubble, is sure to be of vital usage for Russian athletes for times to come in hopes of keeping their competitive edge going strong.

The outstanding cost of $51 Billion to create this magical place will surely pay for it's self in the long run if it continues to produce outstanding talent and opportunities for athletes all over to come and make their home in a place that can provide the means to help it's talent.

This is where it started and this is where it will end with The Closing Ceremony.

Opening Ceremony fireworks display

Beautiful Opening Night Fireworks Display

Opening Night Display

Opening Night Ring Malfunction

Ring Malfunction

What could be the worst thing that could happen at any opening event, let alone the night that most people had been anticipating since the last event in 2010. My thoughts exactly. Thank God that nothing else of an extreme magnitude decided to malfunction. All that money, everything should have been in tiptop shape and then some.

Dance Scene, Opening Night

Float Design from Opening Night

The Opening Ceremony

As U.S. Team heads in for the Opening Ceremony, to let the games begin.
As U.S. Team heads in for the Opening Ceremony, to let the games begin.

Sochi Russia Final Phases

Russia made a huge impact in the way of Host site for the XXII Winter Olympics 2014. It would suggest that they were the most accommodating for this Winter's sporting event because they made it so inviting and extremely cordial for their guest. There were some problems along the way but the good always out weights the bad.

Not only was it a fitting accommodation but it also was the bed of success for their own participates in the Winter Games. As they say in basketball, "home court advantage".

I noted while reading a columnist statement, that he did not know what a Sochi was, let alone where it was located. Embarrassed to say neither did I, for I had to look it up before printing this Hub.

The Men's Bobsledding concluded the events for this season with Russia winning the gold and the ultimate lead in the amount of Metals for the events.

U.S. came in third place in the Bobsled for the bronze and Latvia was second place for the silver.

What helped contribute to the success of some of the wins, especially for U.S. was the new addition of events and younger team players.

12 New Events

Three Mixed Events
Four Men Events
Five Women's Event
Figure Dance Skating Team Event
Snowboarding Slopestyle
Women's ski Jumping
Biathlon Mixed Relay
Parallel Slalom
Paralell Slalom
Luge Team Relay
Figure skating
Snow boarding Slopestyle
Ski Halfpipe Men's
Ski Halfpipe Womens
Figure Skating
Younger Players Had the Advantage Most for Speed

Future Olympic Hopeful, Mikeala Shirrin

Sage Kotsenburg
Sage Kotsenburg

Slopestyle snowboarding

More Gold Competitors

Ted Ligety
Ted Ligety
Kaitlyn Farrington
Kaitlyn Farrington

David Wise, Gold Medal Winner

Jamie Anderson
Jamie Anderson

Gold Medalist

Joss Christensen
Joss Christensen
Maddie Bowman
Maddie Bowman

Highlights of U.S. Gold Champions

Mikaela Shiffrin - A younger athlete, won the Gold in Alpine Skiing Slalom

Mikeala, who is only eighteen years old and was the youngest in Olympic history to win the gold metal. It is stated that she probably will return in 2018 and times to come because of her age and the years she has ahead of her as a younger woman.

Kaitlyn Farrington - Women's Slopestyle Snowboarder Halfpipe

Sage Kotsenburg - Men's Slopestyle, Snowboarder (First to Win Gold)

Jamie Anderson - Women's Slopestyle Snowboarder (Second to Win Gold)

Ted Ligety - Giant Slalom

David Wise - Freestyle Skiing Halfpipe

Joss Christensen - Free Style Skiing, Slopestyle

Maddie Bowman - Women's Freestyle Skiing Halfpipe

Meryl Davis, Charlie White - Mixed Team, Figure skating - Ice Dancing

Meryl Davis, Charlie White

Figure Dance Skate
Figure Dance Skate

Sochi 2014 Gold Metals

Gold Medals
Gold Medals | Source

Top Five Countries Total Medal Wins

(click column header to sort results)
Countries Lead  
Gold Metal Wins  
Silver Medal wins  
Bronze Medal Wins  
Total Medal Wins  
United States
As recorded in the Chicago Tribune Sports Section, Monday February 24, 2014, Top 5 Countries to Win the most Medals.

A Little History, Table of Top Medal Wins

In the chart below, is a highlight of Olympic games top rated Countries with most Medal wins in times past. These countries have held their ground in an all time high score of most medal wins.

The Soviet Union has dated back from 1956 - 88.

Germany dates back from 1928 - 36, 1952 - 64 and 1992 to present.

Top Five, All Time Standings

United States
Soviet Union-a
a-1956-88, b-1928-36, 1952-64 1992 - present Totals for all time

Chicago Bringing the Bronze

Aja Evans with street wear designed by Ralph Lauuren
Aja Evans with street wear designed by Ralph Lauuren

Aja Evans with the Bronze - Extra Highlight

Aja Evans is a young lady from my home town, Chicago, who also attended and graduated from the same High School, as two of my own children did. A remarkable young lady who has family members that have excelled in sports.

She has a brother who plays for the Minnesota Vikings; her father was the first black college champion swimmer and an uncle who has retired from major-league baseball; and a cousin who was also a former major-league baseball player of which him and his father-her uncle played mostly for the Chicago Cubs.

As Bobsledder, she teamed with Jamie Greubel to bring home the Bronze Medal. Aja has a very athletic past as track star and in shot put during her high school years as well as her college years scoring in the Big Ten champion in the shot put.

The Closing Ceremony

I've always wanted to sit down and do a run view of all the games but could never focus long enough to see the viewed games in it's entirety and to say hooray to the winners, especially the U.S. winners. I would watch here and there and I did manage to see the Figure Dance Skaters bring home the gold. I also saw the Men's Bobsled win for Russia which was the last event right before the Closing Ceremony.

The opulence of the Closing Ceremonies was so awe inspiring that made me want to actually train for such events, but back to reality, it was beautiful. It was stated that Ralph Lauren created the attire for the U.S. team, knitted hats and all.

Sochi Russia had the most amazing setup which consisted of:

five thousand volunteers

musical artist

singing artist

circus acts

dancing acts

literary recognition

parade of athletes, awesome fireworks display and an after party.

Closing Night, Russian Light Display

Russia's Volunteers

Volunteers Making Way
Volunteers Making Way | Source

Russian Musicians Perform Their Rendition

PyeongChang Musician

Russian Circus Big Top

Russian Ballet perform for Closing Ceremony

Beautiful Dove Like Display

Russian Literary Recognition

Choices For Olympic Events

What event did you like the most

See results

Women's ski Jumping

Athletes Enter into Stadium at Closing Ceremony

Sochi 2014

What was such a gala event was brought on by a twenty year planning stretch that commemorates what we have experienced over the course of two weeks. Not only was the Events a success with some minor glitches, but the broad array of performances and talents and design and structure made it well worth the billions that was spent on it. The Russians put on such a production that was very outstanding and I commend them for all of the work and toil that went into the extravaganza.

I also commend such hard working athletes that poured their hearts into their sport which is why we even have competitions of this magnitude. We celebrate at this level, to honor their hard work, sportsmanship, drive and compassion.

This is what they do and they shared it with us during this XXII Winter Olympic 2014 in Sochi Russia. Thank you. As the Bear put out the Torch, dropped a tear and thus concluded the final events.

Sochi Mascots

U.S. Team at Closing Ceremony

U. S. Team did us proud.
U. S. Team did us proud.

Fireworks Display Finale

Celebration of their own

Dancing Olympians
Dancing Olympians

Competitors Battlegrounds


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    • Kathy Carr profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Carr 

      4 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Thanks CyclingFitness, I definitely appreciate your comment. Pushing boundaries I guess is what makes winners. The rush, the speed, the unimaginable. Wow.

    • CyclingFitness profile image

      Liam Hallam 

      4 years ago from Nottingham UK

      Ultimate event highlight for me was watching the Snowboard Slopestyle. It looked amazing. Big air- big skills and hugh jumps to really push the boundaries of sporting performance. Yes the media incorrectly picked up on the new that after practice the course needed to be re-developed (this is actually a standard practice as course makers often don't compete in the events themselves) but simply watching it really made me want to book a trip to the slopes.

    • Kathy Carr profile imageAUTHOR

      Kathy Carr 

      4 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Thanks Eric.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Well done.


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