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Winter Training for Sprinting

Updated on September 13, 2012

The importance of winter training

The most common mistake young athletes make when training is skipping the winter sessions and trying to make up for it in the warm summer season. You will not improve on the previous years performance if you do not have a good winter season.

People think that because not too much sprinting is actually done in the winter, they assume its not necessary for sprint work and tend to skip the winter session.

The summer should be the condition season where you maintain all the hard work you've done over the winter, concentrating on mainly short distance and technical work. This is also the time when you should be doing your heavy weights sessions, not having to worry about stiff muscles for competition.

I have witnessed many times, young athletes who have put in a very hard winter training season and done absolutely no training in the summer, just competing only, and yet they have improved on their personal bests. On the other hand I have also seen people who have skipped the winter sessions and put so much training in the summer they have burnt themselfes out by the time its August/September with still some major competitions left.

A typical sprinter winter training session

Tuesday - Indoor track or sports hall. Short fast sprints e.g. 80m x 2, 60m x 2, 50m x 4, 30m3 x 4. With lots of streching and drills

Wednesday - Circuit training for 1 hour, consisting of Rope climbs, situps, pushups, pullups, lounges, rope skipping, back raises, hurdle hopping etc..

Thursday - Distance work. 3-4K run, rest, then a series of uphill road sprints 70% pace. Slow jog back to base

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Heavy weights session. Bench Press, Squats, and Jerks/Cleans only.

Sunday - Sprinting technical work, mainly drills and short work.

Monday - Rest

Alternate each week changing Thursday's session. The following week can be 300m sprints on the track e.g. 300m x 1, 250m x 1, 200m x 1, 150m x 1, 100m x 1, 50m x 2.

Warm Weather Training

It is very common for athletes, especially from the UK or Northern Europe to travel to warmer locations in the south in order to get prepared early for the track season. People tend to go around April/May when it is still rather cold in the UK and Northern Europe. Place like South Portugal, Algarve are popular.


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