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Wire Waiver: Chris Ivory Needs a Team to Start

Updated on January 13, 2018

Quintin Goynes Sr. | HubPages

Tommy Bohanon and T.J. Yeldon are good competitors, as rushers for the Jacksonville Jaguars. RB-Chris Ivory is a perfect example of a terrific talent that has to sit the bench. Fortunately, the Jaguars have not lost one running back by the hands of the opposing defense, which is extremely impressive.

Ivory finally hit his 1,000-yard mark, during the 2015 season when the New York Jets started RB-Ivory in 14-games. Here are his stats: 247-attempts/1,070-total rushing yards, averaging four-yards-per carry. He scored seven rushing touchdowns with his longest run of 58-yards.

Additionally, the New York Jets offense was able to effectively find Ivory as a receiving target 30-times, during that particular season. On the contrary, Ivory has experienced a number of fumbles, during those years. In other words, his legs are great, but, when he fumbles, the opposing team usually recovers the ball over 50% of the time. During the 2017 season, Ivory has 112-touches, a total of 382 yards, and only one touchdown.

Chris Ivory has the potential to be a Le'Veon Bell. Ironically, RB-Ivory has the experience, but, fantasy football members are waiting for this professional football player to give in to his success. This has to happen, during next year's NFL season.

Moreover, in the leadership position, conversely, RB-LeVeon is teaching fantasy football members about how to simply hog the spaces of success, by putting out the numbers and waving good-bye. Is there a chance for an effective change? That's another article to read. How can Ivory be next?

Chris Ivory (2010): The Days of Old

Chris Ivory started his career with the New Orleans Saints in 2010, as a star running back and receiver. His stats are tough to beat. Frankly, the Saints placed him in the game as needed. In other words, RB-Ivory was not a starter the majority of the time. However, running an average of four to five yards per carry keeps RB-Ivory in a good waiver position. The Jacksonville Jaguars recently tried to get him in the game, during weeks 14 and 15.

Video: "Chris Ivory 'Unstoppable' Career Highlights (Courtesy of 'BeastModeHighlights')

Author: Quintin Goynes Sr.

FYI: Quintin Goynes Sr. is a freelance, entrepreneur who has experience in researching obstacles and lifestyles (i.e., cultures of manifestation). He has obtained and attained skills in [visual] communications during his tours as a [global] logistical officer.

RB-Chris Ivory (Jacksonville Jaguars)


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