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Myles Garrett is ready to prove to Cleveland and the NFL he was worthy of being the # 1 pick once his foot heals.

Updated on June 18, 2017

The Browns #1 overall pick is off for a few weeks with a mild foot sprain. The Browns were holding their breath, but the medical staff declared he will be "Just fine."

In the 2017 NFL draft, the Browns with the 31st worst Defense selected DE Myles Garrett out of Texas A&M with the #1 overall pick.

Cleveland signed their star prospect to a 4-year $30.4 million dollar deal. This includes a signing bonus of a reported $20 million.

Can he live-up to talk, hype and potential that went into him being listed by almost every NFL Analysts as clearly the best player in the draft?

#1 DE Myles Garrett (6'5", 262 lbs) out of Texas A& M who many believe was hands-down the best player in the draft. He's projected to be a defensive playmaker. He was needed almost as much as Cleveland need a long-term starting QB.

Remember how Von Miller, also out of Texas A&M, led the way for Denver earning Peyton Manning his 2nd Super Bowl ring while earning himself a Super Bowl MVP. He's got that type of potential. For your fun, info and enjoyment, watch him with Von Miller on YouTube in Back to Campus.

Overall, the Browns did well in the 2017 draft and they put an emphasis on continuing to fix their defense while building for the future. Their defense in 2016 was hand-downs terrible allowing 452 points allowed = to 28.25 per game.

They also drafted Jabrill Peppers, the versatile Michigan S / CB / LB / Kick Returner and TE David Njoku out of University of Miami with the 25th & 29th respective picks in Round 1. The surprise pick was QB DeShone Kizer (Notre Dame) with the 52nd pick of the 2nd Round. Who many believe has plenty of upside to go with an arm and size.

VP of Football Operations Sashi Brown, Paul DePodesta and Hue Jackson didn't reach for a QB. I do expect Cleveland to win more games in 2017 with the upgrades to their Defense, Offensive line and with Cody Kessler having a year of NFL experience under his belt.

I expect the Browns to win more often this season. Win more as in; 3-5 games. As long as they win say; three or more, are competitive and show promise, loyal Browns fan and ownership will continue to be patient, especially if that development/improvement comes from the QB position.


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