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Working with the Wing T Offense - can it still win games?

Updated on August 19, 2014

I started coaching at the high school level in the early 2000's and really enjoyed my time working with the Wing T offense. A lot of people you talk to today will tell you the Wing T is a dead offense, I say really!!

I had the profound pleasure of working with a true legendary coach of the Wing T offense. After 33 or so years he coached in three state championships winning two and losing one by a very slim margin. You are probably saying after 33 or so years he only coached in 3 state championships, yes that's probably 3 more than most high school coaches will ever coach in. I might add he also took his teams to 10 semi-finals games during that stretch including 10 region wins and 18 district titles in two different state classes.

I hear a lot of people in the high school coaching arena saying spread offense is the way to go. I watch a lot of football and the spread offense ends up being a spread run offense. I'm not knocking the spread offense, I like it too but I also like the Wing T offense at the middle school and high school level.

I'm in the process right now of working with this legendary coach and writing his way of running the Wing T. There are many ways to run it and out of the many ways to run it has come much success. I will always believe the Wing T is a great offense, especially if you have a good line that is strong. You can just about tell the defense where you are running the ball and say stop me when running the Wing T, its not like that with many of the other offenses.

With that said may the WING T be with you, and I wish you all great success this fall.


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