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World and the power of Handguns

Updated on July 12, 2016


The Smith & Wesson Magnum Model 500 is the beast, most badass of all pistols ever created. Well it is clear that automatics offers more reliability and hold more firepower but merely pointing the 500 at someone is enough to make anyone shit themselves.

This beast is 15" long with its 8-3/8-in. barrel and weighs six pounds with a very high recoil energy and recoil velocity which cause the muzzle to rise when shooting the cartridge so if you are trying to play with it, just be careful because shooting it might break your fucking wrist but nothing exudes toughness like a big honking S&W .500 MAGNUM.

The S&W X-frame Model 500 is a brawny handgun designed to master the most rigorous hunting fields in the world. The cylinder alone is almost 2 in. in diameter and approaches 2.25 in. in length. Thumb the cylinder open and five charge holes awaits to hold five of the biggest bullets ever created for a pistol, the behemoth S&W .500 Magnum round, which is about eight inches long, weighs ten pounds and has the stopping power of a big-mouthed cannon.


The revolver doesn't need any introduction, it is the same beast represented by actor Clint Eastwood in the 1971 movie Dirty Harry, the double action Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44-cal Magnum revolver - "the most powerful handgun in the world.

The first impression one gets on examining the revolver leaves a eye catching first impression with outstanding quality control in operation and express sheer beauty from machining of the steel components, metal polishing, fitting of grips to the frame. Working with a perfect timing, with the locking bolt dropping into the cylinder notch well before the hammer is all the way back, in both the modes.

The foundation is the S&W N- frame, with a 2 5/8″ slab-sided barrel and 6-shot, unfluted cylinder weighing around 3 pounds, about the same as a full size, steel-framed 1911. Handgun may make your arm sore while holding in the firing position, but it’s got a sight for sore eyes. Smith equipped their beast with a large fixed front orange sighted blade and the adjustable solid black rear sight which has a thin white outline around the three borders.

S&W with their typical single action, breaking cleanly at about 21/2 pounds with effectively indiscernible trigger movement. The .44 Magnum chamber makes this a very versatile handgun. Talking about the fire rating, full power .44 Magnum loads with 240-gr. bullets providing around 1,100 fps from the short barrel. Recoil was quite reasonable, doesn’t really shows a difference between 4″ and 6″ barreled model 29. Muzzle blast was impressive though, so just sticking to both earplugs and muffs is a good idea.


The Super Redhawk is an extension of the standard Redhawk, making it a large-frame double-action revolver in which dual chambering allows .44 Magnum models to also accept .44 Special cartridges; .454 Casull chambering also accepts .45 Colt cartridges and equipped with some few modifications such as Hogue Tamer Mono grips, which are designed to reduce the impact of recoil.

The Ruger Super Redhawk designed by the hammer-forged barrel, a process where a machine carefully pushes a mandrel through the bore to carve the rifling. This process is generally used to produce durable and accurate rifling.

The Super Redhawk with available barrel lengths of 7.5”, and 9.5” features all-stainless steel construction is equipped with an adjustable rear sight with a replaceable ramp front sight. Scope is mounted directly into the frame, and scope rings are included in the package. Redhawk is provided with a transfer bar, which allows the hammer to indirectly strike the firing pin because the transfer bar is there to absorb the impact and then presses against the firing pin.


Smith & Wesson’s 460XVR short for X-treme Velocity Revolver is the ultimate Performance Center piece fabricated as mini hand cannon aimed to conquer the handgun hunting market. The whole piece is glass bead-finished stainless steel, and it seems expensive.

The 460XVR is robustly built to handle the very powerful .460 Smith & Wesson Magnum cartridge, which is based on the .454 Casull, which in turn is based on the familiar .45 (Long) Colt. The teardrop styled hammer and the trigger are both chrome plated. While the 460XVR is serious hunting hand cannon, it’s very clear that S&W wanted it to be a style statement too and they did it well.

The XVR is available with barrel lengths up to 14” which sports a neatly tapered full under-lug and an attractive polygonal sculptural profile and a fitted bipod. May be the reason behind a long barrel a long barrel, is to provide a lighter 200 gr. bullet to reach 2250 fps at the muzzle and still be travelling along at 1715 fps after covering around 100 yards.


Desert eagle is a elegant piece of craft, however the manufacturer doesn’t change the overall shape and style of the gun for over years, but departing from last year’s newest model there are improvements in functionality like adding an internal compensator reduces its weight and recoil and also helps to alleviate the monstrous muzzle flip but the length remains the same.

The big bazooka is 10.75” long from stem to stern and 6.25” high which makes it a muscular.50 caliber pistol efficient in producing muzzle velocities exceeding 1900 fps and muzzle energy of 2800 ft-lbs. and looking at these numbers, .50AE bullets can travel twice as fast as.45s and hit with the power of a .308 Winchester.

Though running this pistol requires unorthodox manipulation because the pistol is a hefty 4.5 pounds, as much as two fully loaded 1911s. Like all new guns, the Desert Eagle requires that you train and then the foreign tasks will become habit. If the pistol didn’t weigh as much as it does, every shot would punish the shooter.


The Ruger Blackhawk has been in the production line for over six decades. This vintage six-shooter is a centerpiece of the single-action revolver world, capable of achieving what other handguns could only dream of. The Blackhawk is engineered to take down everything in front and it has done so with a diversity of calibers from .357 to .44 Magnum and .45 Colt.

This gun weighs in at 3.43 pounds when loaded with six rounds of ammo with 240-grain bullets, casting the Hogue grip. The only weight reduction technique applied on this gun is the use of aluminum alloy in place of steel for the rear sight and the ejector rod housing. This single action revolver holds six rounds of ammunition which are chambered for the 44 Remington Magnum cartridges.

The balance of this six-gun with a 7.5” barrel, which is probably the most common barrel length for this model, is neither handle- nor barrel-heavy; it is ideal. As far as the value is concerned, the Super Blackhawk has been the best value on the market for some time. reliable Ruger Super Redhawk is said to be the only revolver which is both robust and reliable., and it would take a lot of shooting to prove the Super Redhawk is stronger. There are more powerful handguns than the .44 Magnum; the .454 Casull and monster .500 Magnum come to mind but the .44 Magnum was first with the most and remains the most powerful handgun to be used for practice and hunting.


The Smith & Wesson 686 is said as the stainless steel version of the 586 and 581 is an L-frame handgun. The adoption of .357 Magnum powerhouse in the in the 1960s effectively for enforcing law and order and personal protection, proved the K-frame Smith & Wesson to be the best for job, but it cannot bear the magnum loads. This gave rise to the more robust N-frame in 1970s introduced with the Model 27 and 28 which makes it capable of blasting .357 all day without any glitch.

The 686 clearly shows that it is a modern marvel on the classic double-action revolver. The design also meets the expectations and demands of modern gunners. The look can be related to muscularity climbing the scales at 2.6 pounds unloaded but it doesn’t carry unnecessary weight.

The act of balancing which also helps in absorbing the recoil depends upon the thick barrel which sports a full underlug that adds weight to the front of the gun. The six-round cylinder is fluted in the standard model, but for a sleeker look, unfluted cylinders are available as a bit of attitude. There’s also a 686+ model featuring a seven-shot cylinder, if you want to add more rounds.


The Glock 20 has got the title of big gun. In its non-short frame (SF) configuration with a larger slide and receiver, the G20 SF weighs 1.7 pounds at which it somewhat overweighs its comparable cousin G17 by almost .375 pound, measuring 8.07” in overall length with a 4.61” barrel. It also has a standard capacity of 15 rounds, making this a real powerhouse in the hands.

Being one of the most powerful autoloaders available in the market, G20 is Glock's most husky pistol chambered for the vigorous 10mm Auto cartridge that commends around 500-650 ft- lbs. of muzzle energy with factory loaded ammunition, the average can be marked at 550 ft. lbs., which is as good as the full power .357 Magnum revolver cartridges.

Glock pistols come and the surface of the frame is the Generation 4 Rough Textured Frame scientifically designed and real world tested along with hammer forged barrels using hexagonal rifling. Internally, the Glock dual recoil spring assembly substantially increases the life of the system. The multiple back strap design of the frame which makes it for small, standard, and large frame hands can adapt instantly.

COLT 1911 (.45 ACP)

In 1972, the U.S. Army officially adopted the General Officer’s Pistol, a Government Model 1911 .45 with a radically shortened barrel and butt. This pistol completely overcomes the problem of designing a repeating handgun by providing a different mechanical solution. It is a single action which means that you have to cock the hammer manually to fire the first shot, after which it is self cocking.

M1911 with a spring loaded magazine holding the cartridges inside the pistol grip has a barrel encased in a spring loaded movable slide. The self loading mechanism is this way, when the pistol fires, the recoil pushes the slide backwards which opens the breech and reject the empty shell case. After the spring returns the slide back to original position during which the slide strips the next bullet from the magazine and loads it as the breech closes.

The colt m1911 being 8.5” long and 5” high sports a stable physique weighing about 2.5 pounds that consists of 230 grain bullet as the standard ammunition which is able to attain a velocity of 805 fps effective to make out a range of 50 yards, making it lethal at longer ranges also. But the colt m1911 pistol has been considered as difficult to shoot among the greenhorns because it does require a high tier training than the weapons it is superior. You will feel a bit of recoil of the .45 ACP but overall it is not harsh, and the 1911 does a good job at managing that recoil.


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