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World Stars attending the funeral of Cesare Maldini

Updated on April 5, 2016

Milan saw the presence of the constellation of the stars of the round to mourn the late Cesare Maldini, the myth of a team of former AC Milan and the Italian national team, who died Sunday at the age of 84 years.

It was the funeral of Cesare from Milan's Cathedral, attended by stars Milan and Marisa late wife and his son, Paolo Maldini and a number of family members.

He also attended the memorial service of the stars of the former AC Milan beginning of Tassoti, and Serginho and Inzaghi and Seedorf, and Cannavaro, and Zanetti and Toldo, and Galliani and Berlusconi, and Brocchi, and Shevchenko, and Ronaldo, the Brazilian, the director of Juventus sporting Morta, in addition to the public lover of Rosanezi.

Cesare is one of the icons of Italian football as he was the star of the Otzroy in the 1962 World Cup, and was named an ideal selection for the tournament, and the icon of Milan given his leadership team to lift the league title four times.

He was a team leader when he was crowned the first title in the Champions League in 1963, that image, which has been present in the stronghold of Milan until today.

Cesare and worked as assistant to Italy coach Enzo Bearzot-crowned 1982 World Cup and led the team in the World Cup in 1998 and then took over Paraguay in the World Cup in 2002, before retiring training and sufficiency analysis until gone.

Legend Cesare Maldini then extended in the form of his son Paulo, who completed the march of his father and only colors Milan boomerang even received a similar manner in the stronghold of the club he lifted the Champions League in 2007.

The grandson and son of Christian Maldini Jr. is currently playing in the club's youth team, it is scheduled to take place in the presence of his funeral tomorrow Berlusconi and the Rossoneri players.


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