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2016 Worlds: Short programs

Updated on April 4, 2016

That's a wonderful performance, if she were a junior skater. Especially I like her focus throughout the program. She appears composed as well as expressive.

Sadly, all her jumps and moves are marred by her fractured glitz, which characterizes her entire skating. Her jumps are -2, 0, and -1.

That may be great in junior level, but for senior level, it doesn't cut it.

Her PCS will be 7.0.

Ashley Wagner is the name to beat today, if judging is correct.A senior skater must know how to handle her own weight and how to shift the center of weight on ice.

Wagner shows good speed and flow without visible flaws. Her jumps are 0,0, and +1.

Her PCS is 8.0.

One of a few good things about Gracie Gold is her orthodox triple-triple.

Though far from being excellent, Gold's 3/3 has speed and distance. Despite her stiff upper body, Gold's skating is no empty gong like Russian skaters.

Her jumps are -2,0 and -1, and her PCS is 7.5.

Oh I like that!

Anna looks definitely less messy this time. But I can't be sure if she will improve sooner than later.

You see how repetitive and monotonous Anna appears in her non-jump elements, as if she is only able to do one type of move.

But like Gracie, Anna too has a good quality 3/3, especially in her takeoff. Her problem is that she is unable to make smooth landing and running edge, and that's not possible without dynamic balance.

Overall I am kind of satisfied with her performance(considering her records). Her jumps are 0,-1 and -1, and Her PCS is 7.0.

Though Mao is not in her best, she is the one whose skating is superior to the rest.

Ashley is superior to Mao in power and speed, but Mao edges Ashley out with her at-ease moves. However Mao's jumps are under weather.

Her jumps are -3,0 and -2. Her PCS is 8.0.

Placing Elena is a bit tricky for me.

Elena has definitely progressed, but I cannot be sure if Elena really have gotten out of junior skating. She appears struggling with the insurmountable weight that seemingly wears her down throughout the program.

However, in comparison with Evegenia, Elena definitely deserves 7.0.

Her jumps are -2,-3 and -1. Her PCS is 7.0.

Hongo is a gem in this dark age, but she looks slow. Given that Hongo's unsophisticated skating is far from being agile, there are something else missing in her skating.

Her jumps are no doubt superior to any Russian skater's jumps apparently, but I find them too blunt and too slow to render the due merit today. Her jumps are 0,-1 and -1. Her PCS is 7.5.

Who do you think is the winner of short program?

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