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Wrestling Moves List

Updated on July 29, 2016
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Wrestling Moves List

This is a short Wrestling Moves List. It includes moves from all three positions in wrestling, neutral wrestling, Top Wrestling and Bottom Wrestling Moves. The moves contained on this hub are for all three styles of wrestling, Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling. I have included a video of some of the wrestling moves to help you better understand the wrestling move.

This list is an incredible resource for wrestling coaches, parents and wrestlers and I have provided good quality technique videos for each of the wrestling moves on this list.



Five Neutral Wrestling Moves

Neutral wrestling moves, also known as takedowns, are moves you do from your feet. The goal is to take your opponent down to the ground and show that you have control of your opponent. Below are a few of the most common wrestling takedowns.

  1. Stance
  2. Single Leg
  3. Double Leg
  4. High C
  5. Firemans Carry

Wrestling Stance Technique Video

Wrestling Stance Coaching Points

  • Squat down with your elbows on your knees.
  • Then bring your hands up.
  • Use your head, your hands and your hips as your lines of defense.
  • Keep your butt down and head up.
  • Light on your feet.
  • Motion with some fakes and down blocks.

Low Level Single Leg Takedown

Low Level Single Leg Coaching Points

  • Be low enough to touch the mat by lowering your level with your hips.
  • DO NOT dive from high to the ankle.
  • Attack either leg and attack the heal of your opponent.
  • Head is higher than your butt.
  • Watch for the leg that they lead.
  • Get a sense for where he is stepping by watching his feet.
  • Timing is key! Hit your shot as he starts is step forward NOT when his foot hits the ground.
  • Have a low lead leg and a powerful push of with your back leg.

High Crotch Takedown Technique Video

High Crotch Coaching Points

  • Heavy on the head.
  • Move him around. (push and pull)
  • Get inside tie.
  • When he reacts by lifting up shoot.
  • Hips in.
  • Head up and lifting.
  • Finish to double or lift on the single leg and put him down to the mat.

Complete Wrestling Moves List

There are so many wrestling moves that are good to use. It is beyond the scope of this hub page to cover them all. So I put together a full list on my blog.

Go here for a complete wrestling moves list.

Double Leg Takedown Footwork

Double Leg Coaching Point

  • Side Step
  • Penetration step
  • Change Level
  • Drop to knee ONLY if necessary

Firemans Carry Takedown

Firemans Carry Coaching Points

  • Gain inside control
  • DO NOT get an over hook. This telegraphs the move. Your opponent will see it coming if he is any good and you do it this way.
  • Pop your opponent’s head a couple of times to get him to lift up.
  • When he lifts his head that is when you want to hit your shot.
  • DO NOT shoot a firemans carry like you would a High C.
  • You want to drop to your knees as far under the legs of your opponent as you possibly can.
  • As you drop you clamp his or her arm underneath your arm pit and you dump them over that same shoulder.
  • The ARM is the KEY. You can do this move without the leg. You can even do this in Greco Roman wrestling if you have the arm secure.
  • After your opponent lands on the mat keep the arm and use your head to keep him on his back. Circle towards him or her, cover and keep them on their back.
  • This move is a safer five point move than a head throw.
  • A good variation to the Fireman’s Carry is the Outside Firemans Carry

Kyle Dake's Claw Ride

I have been following Kyle Dake for years. He is the master of the Claw Ride. I post many of his videos on my blog. This DVD is incredible because it breaks the entire series down into easy to remember and execute steps for beginning and advanced wrestlers. One thing that he also shares on this DVD is a simple drill to get this move down pat.


Five Top Wrestling Moves

Top wrestling moves or turns and rides are easier and quicker to learn than takedowns and setups. It is well worth your time to get good on top.

  1. Half Nelson
  2. Arm Bar
  3. Cradle
  4. Far Knee Far Ankle
  5. Cheap Tilt

Cheap Tilt From Spiral Ride

Cheap Tilt Coaching Points

  • Get your Claw
  • Control him with your hips and legs
  • Spiral and thigh pry
  • Pull him to his hip
  • Attack his rust
  • Curl wrist in tight to his body
  • Put your shoulder into his back
  • Butt drag him to the ground
  • Release pressure a little bit and take the tight waist
  • Drive over his shoulder like a freestyle gut wrench
  • Put him in your lap and point your bottom knee to the ceiling
  • Put feet close to your butt


Five Bottom Wrestling Moves

  1. Stand Up
  2. Sit Out
  3. Switch
  4. Granby
  5. Hand Fighting

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Wrestling Strength Tip

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