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Wrestling On Roku

Updated on May 24, 2015

The Complete Guide to Professional Wrestling on Roku

It was just over a year ago when WWE launched it's amazing streaming network service, giving wrestling fans around the world unlimited access to a huge archive of both classic and modern day professional wrestling. The WWE Network was already a huge service on day one and continues to grow at a rapid pace, it is said to currently have 3,000 hours worth of VOD content with plans of adding an additional 3,000 hours in the near future. At $9.99 a month, this is an unbelievable deal for wrestling fans who had often paid much more for a single pay-per-view event or even a DVD release. The best part of the WWE Network is it's availability on streaming devices and game systems such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox and others. These devices allow the viewer to sit back and watch the high definition video streams right on their home television, the same as you would with cable. This article will focus specifically on Roku, the top selling device that has excited consumers around the world with over 10 million devices already sold. If you own a Roku then you have access to much more professional wrestling than just the WWE Network, there is a whole world of independent wrestling promotions who have made their shows available on several Roku channels. So let's take a look at where and what you can find to get the most out of your Roku device.

The Big Three

If you are a Roku owner then you may already have a subscription to at least one of the popular pay services Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. All of which can be a source for professional wrestling. Netflix and Amazon Prime have some WWE home video releases available and you can find plenty of movies or television shows that star or have featured current and former professional wrestlers. Hulu outshines the others with hundreds of hours of WWE content, including next day episodes of Raw (though a shorter 90 minute version), Smackdown, NXT, Main Event and Superstars. Hulu hosts a sizeable archive of past episodes dating back to 2008, including past episodes of WWE's version of ECW (something not on the WWE Network). Netflix and Hulu are both great services and definitely worth the price, but most of the content you will find here can also be found on the WWE Network. But Hulu does have one true advantage for non-cable viewers due to the next day episodes of Raw and Smackdown, both of which are only put on the WWE Network one month after the original airdate.

The Other Stuff

Here's why you are probably reading this guide, most Roku owners are fully aware of the WWE Network, Netflix and Hulu, so now it's time to take a look at what else is out there in the massive list of Roku channels. You are in luck, there are plenty of Roku channels out there who offer free pro wrestling shows and events, and a few that require subscription as well.

Indie Wrestling Channel

The Indie Wrestling Channel features content from over 30 different independent promotions and are always adding more. Some of the promotions have full television episodes and live events available, while others offer individual matches. There is plenty of content here to keep you busy and you will run across some familiar faces as well with matches featuring such legends as The Rock N Roll Express, Kevin Nash, Rhino, Tatanka and many others. If you love the indies, you'll love this channel. Learn more about the Indie Wrestling Channel at:

MaddyGTV - AAW

MaddyGTV is one of the best Roku channels for independent films and shows, so it should come as no surprise that they have some of the best action in indy wrestling. In the sports section of the channel you will find two seasons of AAW Pro Wrestling. AAW is a well known indy promotion that regularly features popular names such as Jimmy Jacobs, Eddie Kingston, Colt Cabana, Shane Hollister and others. MaddyGTV is found under the Special Interests section of Roku's streaming channels store, here is a link to their website:

Ohio Valley Wrestling

Archive of weekly OVW television shows from 2012 through 2014, when it was last updated. Lots of good content here from one of the better known independent promotions and former WWE developmental territory. Hopefully this project will not go abandoned and future updates will occur. The OVW is currently a private channel and can be added by going here:


FilmOn is a large network of streaming channels, within these channels you will find three devoted entirely to professional wrestling. There are streaming channels for NWA Wrestling, Galli Lucha Libre and Masked Republic AAA Lucha Libre. All can be found under the sports section and are completely free. Learn more about FilmOn at:

Go Fight Live

GoFightLive has hundreds of Pro Wrestling, MMA, Boxing and other fighting events in their archive. Their professional wrestling section has full shows and events from Ring Of Honor, Chikara, Dangerous Women of Wrestling, IZW, Dragon Gate USA and many other indy promotions. Some of the events must be purchased but there is a huge free section as well (including many full events). You'll need to register for a free account at

UEW - Underground Empire Wrestling

Extreme style indy promotion out of Los Angeles, California. The UEW Roku Channel is still fairly new with only around 10 episodes added so far but is definitely worth checking out of you are a fan of hardcore wrestling. Both the men and women get bloody here. UEW is currently a private channel and can be added by going here:

Ace Wrestling Network

American Championship Entertainment is an independent promotion out of New Jersey. Their Roku channel features complete past episodes of "Ace Overdrive". Learn more about ACE Pro Wrestling at:


TVByDemand has many episodes of Loco Wrestling, an indy promotion out of Pennsylvania, and is updated regularly. They also have a few episodes of the Top Rope Radio show available for listening. Visit their official website at:

Fight Network

Fight Network is now airing episodes of Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore on Tuesdays at 9pm EST, other wrestling programming include CMLL Lucha Libre Minis and the weekly Review-A-Raw recap show. A subscription at is required and costs $3 a month.

Logan's World TV

Logan's World features episodes of Apex Wrestling and some classic wrestling with Greats Of The Arena. Subscription at is required and costs $4 a month.

IWL - Insane Wrestling League

The IWL Roku channel has both free and paid sections. The free section includes their "Unhinged on Roku" shows and some full matches from their larger events. The paid section has complete live events and exclusive material for the monthly subscription price of $5, you can find the channel under the Sports section of the Roku streaming channels store.

World Wrestling Network

WWN Live offers events from the biggest names in independent pro wrestling including Evolve, Dragon Gate, FIP, CZW, Shine and Shimmer, just to name a few. The channel has both iPPV live events and past events available on demand. You can also find titles from Kayfabe Commentaries here, such as shoot interviews and roasts. Each event can be purchased and viewed on the Roku device, prices for the events vary. You must register for an account at:

The RingScoops Channel

Nothing here as far as video goes, but they do have a few episodes of the Top Draw Podcast if you want to listen to it through your television. Learn more at


If all of the above channels don't keep you busy enough then you still have the monstrous service that is YouTube. About anything you could want can be found on YouTube, both modern and classic full matches, television shows and live events are easily available. The best option here is to link your Roku channel with your account on a PC, you can then more easily search for what you want on the PC and add it to your "Watch Later" list. It is best to avoid low quality videos for it to look good on your TV. Have fun here, there is a lot of professional wrestling on YouTube. The YouTube channel can easily be found in the streaming channels store on your Roku device.

As you can see by now, there is enough wrestling on Roku to keep even the most diehard of fans busy, and it just keeps growing. There is something here for everyone, whether you like the entertainment style of WWE, Lucha Libre from Mexico, or a wide range of indy wrestling companies from throughout the country. And you never know when you'll come across something that's not on this list, I'm still finding new stuff all the time. Enjoy!


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