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Wrestling's Dream Matches

Updated on March 21, 2016

Over the years there have been many wrestlers who have made a monumental impact on the sport. Unfortunately like most businesses, wrestling was divided up into various companies and territories. Some of the various companies were the WWF, WCW, AWA, WCCW, and ECW Even when some were joined together by the likes of the "National Wrestling Alliance" promoters still couldn't get along. These eventual splits kept us from seeing matches that would have shaken the frame of history.

Wrestling has produced many legends. There were some that defined the era they wrestled in while others who transcended all time periods. This leaves you with a "What If" in the back of your mind. Here are some of the matches that would wet the palate of die hard wrestling fans.

The Undertaker vs. Sting

The Icon vs. The man with the “streak.” The man who was the face of WCW said he would never wrestle for Vince McMahon. For this reason we were never able to see the clash between two of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Both have been in some of the biggest matches in wrestling history, which puts experience at a stalemate. Although Sting is the quicker of the two, the strength and ability to “strike” in almost any situation makes the Undertaker’s offense deadly. In the end, the Taker’s multiple finishing maneuvers will prove to be too much to overcome; if one move doesn’t get you, the next one is bound to. Winner: Undertaker

The Undertaker
The Undertaker

Brett “The Hitman Hart” vs. Kurt Angle

This would be any wrestling purist’s dream. One man is the “Excellence of Execution” while the other is a “Wrestling Machine.” Hold after hold and suplex after suplex may lead to a draw. You could possibly see another replay of the Shawn Michaels/ Bret Hart match. Both men were always in elite physical condition as they were trained by the best in the business. You can throw the “Sharpshooter” and “Ankle Lock” out the window. Kurt Angle wrestled in the Olympics with a broken neck, his pain threshold is too high. Brett Hart’s pride is too high, I think he would rather die than to submit or tap out to another opponent. If the two grapplers wrestled 10 times, I think Hart would win five times and Angle would win five. Winner –Draw

Virtual Match between Goldberg and The Ultimate Warrior

The Ultimate Warrior vs. Goldberg

This match would blow the dome off of any wrestling arena. I don’t know if there was a venue big enough to hold these two. It is hard to find two wrestlers who’ve had more intensity. The perfect billing should be “The Unstoppable Force vs. The immovable Object. Both careers showed so much promise in the short time they wrestled. Both men were strong, but Goldberg has the advantage in quickness. He also has bigger arsenal of moves. The Ultimate Warrior would sometimes go into the ring with reckless abandonment, which was an Achilles Heel for him. That mistake would be too much to overcome when wrestling such a dangerous man as Goldberg. Winner – Goldberg

The Ultimate Warrior
The Ultimate Warrior

Andre the Giant vs. Big Vader vs. The Big Show

I don’t know if there e is a ring big enough or sturdy enough to hold these three behemoths at the same time. That would be over 1400 pounds in the ring simultaneously! For what it’s worth, the Big Show gets around the easiest and he packs a mean punch (which he calls weapons of mass destruction). Surprisingly, Vader is able to jump off of the ropes. I’m not sure we would want to see that; look what happened in the Mark Henry-Big Show match (collapse of the ring!). As devastating as the two aforementioned wrestlers are, there is only one true giant, and his name is Andre. I recall him putting those large hands around the large neck of Hulk Hogan. I can also see him head butting and splitting his opponents head open during a Battle Royal. Imagine the life seeping out of you as 500 plus pounds is standing on top of you. As much as I want to go with youth, experience tells me to go with size and experience. I don’t this one would be close. Winner – Andre the Giant.

Andre the Giant
Andre the Giant
The Big Show
The Big Show
Big Van Vader
Big Van Vader

"Latino Heat" Eddie Guerrero vs. Pedro Morales

Where would you find another match with two of the most charismatic yet hot-headed wrestlers of all time? Their appeal reaches far beyond the Latino community. Pedro packed Madison Square Gardens in the 70’s while Eddie Guerro packed many arenas in the 2000’s. When Pedro flipped the switch, he stopped caring about just pinning you, he wanted to take your manhood. Eddie on the other hand would lie, cheat, and steal virtually doing anything he could to pick up the victory. The passion that those two competitors brought with them to the ring helped them to each capture the WWWF/WWE championship (approximately 30 years apart). I think Latino Heat’s aerial style would give Pedro fits. Morales would probably game plan to keep Eddie close to the mat. The end result….. I can’t call this one. Both wrestlers were known to get disqualified while losing their temper.

Pedro Morales
Pedro Morales
Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero

The Road Warriors vs. The Outsiders

This match-up pits arguably the two most dominant tag teams of all time against each other. There wasn't a major tag belt that the Road Warriors didn't hold. With the backing of the nWo, the Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) did what they wanted when they wanted. Both of these teams would be successful in any era of professional wrestling. They mixed size and strength, while throwing in great tag team skill. Neither team has ever been dominated by anyone. Even though both teams are capable of wrestling, the match would eventually turn into a brawl which might favor the warriors. However, the ring couldn’t hold these four competitors. This match would spill outside and would be declared a no-contest.

The Road Warriors
The Road Warriors
The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall)
The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall)

Lou Thez vs. Verne Gagne

This pits two of the greatest wrestlers from their own era against each other. Verne has trained some of the greatest wrestlers of all time while many wrestlers in history have imitated Thesz style and moves. Both were great mat grapplers and technicians. I have seen limited footage on both men so I will blindly pick Lou Thesz as his competition was superior in his territory. Winner – Lou Thesz


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    • AWAFlashback profile image

      David Aaron 

      6 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      Great Blog! Verne Gagne claims he wrestled Thesz twice, once to a DQ (Thesz DQed) and once to a draw. I would love to see it! Thesz was a bit bigger and generally considered a bit better. Gagne was more charismatic, but Thesz was the real image of the Champ in the territory days.


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