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Wyatt v Hardy, Could this be the start of something big?

Updated on July 17, 2016

Well its finally starting to happen. The Evil Empire known as the WWE has finally starting to chase its own tale in an effort juice up interest in a stale mundane product. Taking a page from former stars the Hardy Brothers, they have sunk to a new creative low,ripping off a segment from a rival company that they themselves think is nothing more then a glorified indy promotion.All of this as they prepare to split their brand again .

It all started as a program between former WWE superstars Matt and Jeff Hardy working a program for financially troubled rival company TNA. It has been going on for weeks and has caused a shift in Matt's persona to "Broken Matt Hardy". the Blowoff for the whole thing culminating in the last segment of TNA;s show a week ago on pop network channel called by Matt as the " Final Deletion in which he will Delete " Brother Nero" from the Hardy Brand. look its real simply. TNA is in the process of being sold and to make it more attractive , the have let loose the reigns on their most valuable asset. Jeff and to a lesser extent Matt are the only reason anybody still watches their show so between Matt and Jeff and Jeremy Borash they have come up with a way to goose the numbers and make things look as good as they can.

With Drones and a hologram of Matt's Sweeny Todd's couffed head on a bigger drone named Vanguard 1, The Challenge was met at the property line between their two homes in Cameron North Carolina.

The battle that ensued was at the very least classic Hardy. the only thing that was missing was the trampoline ring from their younger days.Ladders Kendo sticks , a swanton out of a tree, and a evil henchmen gardener ( who is his father in law). A dilapidated boat, an appearance by Willow.......

On the WWE side the Wyatt's v New Day is really nothing more then a reason to split up the New Day. Despite being Over and because of the brand split.Once again size and body type win out over athletic skill and ring work ethic.When they split up the New Day Big E is slated to get the push and the other two are probably screwed . I guess the whole tag team resurgence is in the dumper yet again. If any one of the three has earned a big push it's Kofi. He is owed one from way back when he got cut off some years back in a thing with Orton.

Is the WWE stealing Ideas from the Hardy's

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The Bottom line is the Creative Process in the WWE has just hit rock bottom. If the Hardy's can out do them then they need to make some sort of changes. And the kicker is it really isn't TNA, its more Lucha Underground that is driving this whole and may come out more the better then the other two. I know the purest's dont like this kinda story telling but rule one was is and will always be whatever draws money .

thatsknow what you think. what i think let me .


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