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Philip Humber

Updated on May 31, 2014

Humber Close To No-Hitter

Philip Humber allowed only one hit and two walks through seven innings of work.
Philip Humber allowed only one hit and two walks through seven innings of work. | Source

Humber Shutouts Yankees

It was a game to remember for the young Chicago White Sox Starting Pitcher Philip Humber.  Who went seven innings of almost no hit baseball allowing only one hit in his final inning of work.  He really showed the Yankees why he was highly regarded as great pitcher involved in the trade between the Twins and Mets that sent Johan Santana to New York.  On the other side, pitching for the Yankees was A.J. Burnett who came into the game with a 3-0 record and an ERA around four.  He did an excellent job as well at staying in the game even though all eyes were set on Humber’s no hitter.  A.J. quietly went through the White Sox’s lineup without much of a problem only giving up one earned run and three hits through 8 innings.

            Coming into the game were a few players on both teams that seemed like they would be making an impact on how this game would be played offensively.  For the Yankees it was Curtis Granderson who has been on a hot streak along side with the hot hitting Robinson Cano and his 13 game hitting streak.  For the struggling White Sox lineup they still had two hitters that had been leading the team, going by the names of Carlos Quentin and Paul Konerko.    

            Through the first few inning you saw clutch pitching performances where A.J. got out of sticky situations that would have altered the game if the runs were allowed.  In the top of the second we saw Burnett escape trouble with two runners on by getting Beckham out.

At the top of the 4th inning Granderson misses ball diving all out, allowing Quentin to get a double.  Konerko advances him over to third with a ground ball to Cano who thinks about going to third but stops and continues with the easy out at first.  The homerun hitting Adam Dunn comes up to bat and slaps the ball up the middle to a perfectly positioned Jeter thanks to the defensive shift that was put on.  This allowed the White Sox to take lead, 1-0, as Quentin scores Chicago’s first run.

At the start of the top of 6th Brett Gardner made an amazing sliding catch getting the speedy Pierre out.  It’s always a good idea to keep Pierre off the bases since he has made a career out of stealing them and causing problems for pitchers.  You could see the intensity on Humber’s face as he got onto the mound for the bottom 6th inning, not only did I notice intensity but anyone could see the face of a young pitcher trying to keep this no hitter going with everything he had.

A.J. got into trouble at the top of the 7th with two runners on base but managed to get out of the inning with a double play with the duo combo of Jeter and Cano.  A.J. was extremely pumped showing a well-deserved emotion of excitement fist pumping his way off of the mound as if he were a member of the Jersey Shore. 

More into the late innings starting at the bottom of the 7th you could see that there was so much adrenaline in Humber and you couldn’t help but feel a little bit of that adrenaline from him.  He made the Yankees look like the Bronx Grounders instead of the bombers because of their poor attempts at hitting against Humber and barely hitting any anything in the air.  Humber gives up a walk to Teixeira and with Alex Rodriguez up he delivered a well over due hit up the middle crushing Humber’s dream of a no hitter.  From A-Rod’s first at bat you could tell that he had some of the better cuts taken against Humber.  The Yankees fans showed no pity for Humber as they cheered Alex for coming through.  Humber had no smiles on only disappointment in himself for being so close to making history but giving up a hit.  With the game at 1-0 the White Sox decided to warm up their bullpen, as there were two runners on and two outs.  Nick Swisher was up to bat in the lineup and with Humber’s 100th pitch he gets him to ground out to first.

Burnett leaves the game after 8 well-pitched innings.  Pitching one inning less than Burnett Manager Ozzie Guillen decides to take out his almost perfect pitcher to allow the bullpen to finish the game off.  At the bottom of the 8th they bring in Chris Sale to face Eric Chavez who hits a sling shot past a diving Konerko to reach on base.  Even with this late game hit the Yankees couldn’t take advantage of it and Sale gets out of the inning without any damage done.

Rafael Soriano made an appearance in the top of the 9th after not playing in Sunday night’s game because of lower back stiffness.  During the inning an awkward play occurred, a pop up right between Derek Jeter and Soriano dropped right in between them.  Pitchers are taught that the infielders always take charge in pop ups and so that’s what Soriano did he let Jeter take care of it.  Yet, it didn’t work the way he planned because the pop up was short in height and came tailing in quickly onto the grass.  With that hit the White Sox put in pinch runner Brent Lillibridge for Carlos Quentin.  The speedy Lillibridge stole second and Paul Konerko singled to left scoring in Lillibridge making it into a 2-0 game. 

But the Yankees fall and lose the fight, as they couldn’t string together anything throughout the whole game being shutout by flawless pitching.  At the end the final score was 2-0 White Sox as Philip Humber received the win and A.J. Burnett with the loss.  The Yankees will have to forget about Monday’s loss and just tip their caps to Humber as he pitched the game of his career, and see what they can do with Tuesday night’s Starting Pitcher.  


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    • optimus grimlock profile image

      optimus grimlock 6 years ago

      to bad he's your only bright spot on your pitching staff