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Yellow Perch Fishing Tips

Updated on July 20, 2015

Yellow Perch Fishing

The best fishing for yellow perch usually occurs during spring spawning runs. Again in fall, fishing often improves as perch move down creeks and into deeper habitats. During the winter, yellow perch are caught by ice fishing.

Spring Yellow Perch Spawning Runs

Anglers cite a number of fishing tips and techniques that are useful when fishing for yellow perch during springtime spawning runs:

- check local and regional fishing reports frequently

- monitor weather forecasts and water flow information before planning fishing trips

- carry a variety of baits, including nightcrawlers, minnows, and other baits

- try using small circle hooks with live baits

- combine jigs with live minnows when fish are deep

- keep a selection of small jigs from 1/32 to 1/4 oz

- try bright lure colors in murky water and more natural shades in clear conditions

- keep only fish that are needed for the table and release undersized fish

Yellow Perch Fishing Techniques: Summer

- During the warm months, yellow perch are usually found in cooler water.

- Productive areas include deep holes in river bends, channel edges, and other areas where water temperatures are likely to be low.

- In some areas, stream outflows attract yellow perch in summer. Productive outflows tend to contain clear, moving water which is oxygenated.

- Stream outflows are found along woodland creeks, lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water.

- when yellow perch are in deep areas, anglers often use jig-live minnow combinations, small soft plastic worms, jigging spoons, or other offerings.

Ice Fishing Tips - Techniques

These tips apply to ice fishing for yellow perch:

- always make safety a priority, never venture out when ice conditions are unsafe

- use small baits or lures

- experiment with multiple setups and be alert if a pattern develops

- consider scouting potential areas with an underwater video camera when water conditions are clear


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