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You Know You Play Volleyball When...

Updated on February 27, 2013
Mandy M S profile image

Mandy is a mom of 4 and a long time volleyball enthusiast and coach. Mandy's other interests include parenting, teaching, and literature.

:You know you play volleyball when... you only shave between the op of your kneepads and the bottom of your spandex."  And other funny you know you play volleyball when...
:You know you play volleyball when... you only shave between the op of your kneepads and the bottom of your spandex." And other funny you know you play volleyball when...

For those girls who play club or varsity volleyball, you know that during volleyball season, your team and your teammates become your life and your family. Here are some things that any volleyball girl will be able to relate to. A few of the best and most unique "You know you play volleyball when" sayings are found right here.

You know you're a volleyball player when.... January, you only shave between the top of your kneepads and the bottom of your spandex. have so many spandex and knee socks that they have their own drawer.

...half of your wardrobe consists of volleyball t-shirts because you have so many from camps, leagues, tournaments, old teams, etc. don't complain about getting up before dawn every Saturday morning (because you're going to a volleyball tournament)

...when you have your 5:30 AM pre-tournament routine down. Throw on spandex and jersey. Throw on sweatpants over spandex. Do pony and headband. Get your caramel mocha. Out the door.

...when you discover that nearly all your friends are volleyball players.

...that awkward moment when you realize your non-volleyball friend just doesn't get it.

...when your younger siblings have a "game bag" that your mom and dad bring to all the tournaments to keep them happy.

...when you wear ugg boots and spandex without a second thought.

...when you wear spandex to the grocery store or wal-mart without even thinking about it.

...when you have no hang ups about your legs or thighs at all, because you're so used to having them exposed all the time.

...when you recognise other girls your age from different schools because you see them at tournaments every weekend.

...when your parents and grandparents have those weird stadium chair things.

...when you know that Dance Moms are NOTHING compared to volleyball moms

...when your mom starts sentences with, "well the volleyball moms said..."

...when even your DAD has a volleyball t-shirt.

...when you spend more time with your teammates than your family.

...when your little brother or sister runs around the house singing your volleyball cheers.

...when you constantly have jammed fingers.

...when your mom carry's around those instant ice packs in her purse.

...when you come to their door, your neighbors already guessed that you are fundraising for your volleyball team.... again.

...when your boyfriend knows all your volleyball cheers and celebrations and teaches them to other people in the crowd.

...when you think nothing about touching another girl's butt.

...when you find yourself explaining to other people that the setter is not a ball hog, she gets second pass and if you don't get out of her way, you get run over!

...when you know your vertical.

...when you read articles like this online.

... your Christmas list looks like this: New gym bag, cool spandex, knee pads (mizuno, no turtles!), new volleyball (three i have are trashed from garage roof and sidewalk), Under Armour thick headbands, bobby pins, Under Armour knee socks, new water bottle, itunes gift card...

...when you know who Destiny Hooker is and why she's awesome.

...when you know that eventually you'll have to choose between basketball and volleyball (if you haven't already). And you know that volleyball will win.

...that awkward moment playing volleyball in gym class when you start doing your Ace cheer and realize everyone is staring.

...when you dream about volleyball at night.

...when you know how tight the serving line is in all the gyms you travel to when there are multiple courts. are covered in bruises, but you don't remember getting a single one of them.

.... when your fingernails are seriously short and ugly.


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    • Turtlewoman profile image

      Kim Lam 5 years ago from California

      Yup....right on the dot. Especially "...when you discover that nearly all your friends are volleyball players." In fact, my hubby plays volleyball too...and that's the gist of most of our conversations. :-D