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Your interest in sports

Updated on March 11, 2012

Are you a sports person? Do you ever get asked who your favorite team is or who you think is the best sports person? There are those who are not really into sports at all which is okay because sports isn't for everyone.

I know when I get asked who my favorite team is when it comes to the Superbowl, I just tell them my favorite team is the one who wins. I am not always a football person. The same thing with other sports. I remember when I was younger that I used to really like basketball, especially when the Chicago Bulls were good and Michael Jordan was still in the team. They were my favorite team but now it is like no favorite team for me because I am not really into basketball. I don't mind playing basketball or shooting baskets with my brothers but to say I am a fan of basketball, not really.

Now baseball is okay. It is good to play but I will be honest, I myself find it boring watch on tv. I know there are all those baseball fans reading this but there is a differenc when you play it and when you watch it. I will say softball is the same for me, playing softball is better than watching it.

One more sport that I kind of like but I don't always get into is soccer because just because being able to run and kick a soccer ball to others or even making a goal is feels good because you are also getting some exercise at the same time. That is why I kind of like it and when they show it on tv it is a little more fun to watch. I can remember those times as a child when we would as a family watch the USA play. I am sure everyone or others can say the same thing.

Not everyone likes sports but there are those out there that really love sports and that is good. To some it is hobby and others just a way to pass time with their friends or family. Whatever it may be, we all enjoy sports in our own way. What is your favorite sport?


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