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Youth Baseball: Practice With Family

Updated on May 6, 2008

Hey, summer time is almost upon us. Time for our kids to exercise there "video game" fingers in their air conditioned rooms.

Boy, times certainly have changed. I guess it's time for us, as parents, to get creative when it comes to getting the kids excited about spending time as a family. Why not get some exercise; play baseball with the kids and get some family time too?

Once a week, in the early evening, go in the backyard or go to the park. Bring a ball and bat and have fun with the kids. You don't even have to use a baseball or softball. Take a tennis ball, wiffle ball, or even the old Pensie Pinkie or Spaldeen rubber balls. It might even interest the kids to join a youth baseball league.

Get out there with the kids, the memories of these nights will endure al lifetime. These family memories will be triggered each time you smell the sweet summer night air.

Baseball is more than a game , it's what sweet memories are made of.

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