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Youth Baseball: Keep Score Or Not To Keep Score

Updated on May 10, 2008

Over the past few years, parents around the country have started campaigns to implement no-score, non-competiitve youth sports leagues. Soccer appears on the forefront of this effort. I wonder if youth baseball leagues are next

Why are parents pushing this campaign? Is it about their political views? Is it to eliminate the exposure to compettion at an early age? Is it an attempt to deal with, or avoid, the super competitive parents? To de-emphasize winning?

I understand those involved in these campaigns feel they are doing the right thing. Trying to focus on teamwork, making friends and not stressing the importance of winning but are they going too far?

Personally, I think the movement is riduculous. No matter what you do, the kids will always keep score and be competitive and the leagues are for the kids - not the parents. My children play in a 7-9 year old competitive youth baseball league. They haven't had any trouble making friends. They're learning the meaning of teamwork and gaining very important lessons about life - there are winners and losers in every game.

It is the role of a parent to talk to their children about what happens in life. Even at the age of 7 kids understand. It's almost as if the parents supporting the no-score campaign are deferring the very basic of parenting - to teach our kids about life.

I do strongly agree with the campaign that we need to reign in over-competitive parents - but not at the expense of teaching our children the basic lessons of life.

Do you feel strongly about this subject? Why not place a comment?


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    • B4UPLAYBALL profile image

      B4UPLAYBALL 7 years ago from NYC - USA

      I couldn't agree more! Youth baseball is just the perfect setting for teaching our kids about life - without them even realizing it!

      If we put the kids in a league without a winner or loser we fail to teach them about competition, sportsmanship, discipline, experiencing failure, performing under pressure, supporting others, analytical thinking and the importance of team work.

    • profile image

      Paul Wilferth 7 years ago

      The idea of playing any game without some method of determining who wins or loses defies the very definition of what "game" means. Baseball is a great game because it does teach life lessons. The rules of the game are final, the umpire's call is final a definate. Life is the same way, sometimes we win, sometimes not but we bounce back. The parents that I meet who have this weird view are always parents of children who can't tie their own shoes at age 10! I once had a female coach ask me before a game what we do if a kid hits the ball over the fence, I said," what do you mean" ans she responded, "I don't want the other kids to have their feelings hurt". I literally laughed so hard I almost fell down! I told her to stop coaching because she needed to understand that games have rules and have to be followed.