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Sonsona defeats Lopez

Updated on September 27, 2012

Sonsona vs. Lopez Fight

"Marvelous" Sonsona and team members triumphantly waved the Filipino flag after winning the title bout  (COI)
"Marvelous" Sonsona and team members triumphantly waved the Filipino flag after winning the title bout (COI)

Darchinyan loses world title to Mares Dec 11

Armenian born-Sydney-based VIC DARCHINYAN with a record of 35-2-1-27KOs, lost his world title Saturday night, Dec. 11 by split decision to unbeaten ABNER MARES with 20 professional fights of Guadalajara, Mexico at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington, click details.

Sonsona won fight vs Lopez

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Sept. 4, 2009 WBO Superflyweight World Title Fight Between Challenger Sonsona and Champion Lopez (COI)

ASIDE from his sterling boxing record of 14 wins, zero loss and 12 knockouts, left-handed "Marvelous" Marvin Sonsona, 19, of General Santos City, Philippines, entered the ring determined and with a fixed purpose in his mind: to win the bout to bring home honor and prestige to his home country and to give money to his family. During the interview after the fight, Sonsona said, "This fight was really for my parents. We really don't have money'.

In this game where crisp and solid blows are traded by the pugilists, youthful Sonsona portrays the role of a challenger. He would utilize to advantage all his guts and boxing prowess against a veteran of 37 fights, 7 defeats, 2 draws with 32 knockouts- a Puerto Rican named Jose "Corita" Lopez.

At the start of the bell with his corner men in place, Challenger Sonsona with lightning speed valiantly darted in and out of the champion, leaving solid and crisp combination of right- left and right to the face, head and body. In a close encounter in Round 4, Marvelous Sonsona dealt a stunning blow to Lopez' temple. It knocked the champion down, whereupon Sonsona- seeing the opportunity- pounded him with calculated blows for the kill. However- the champion easily recover from the onslaught.

From thereon Jose "Carita" Lopez gained momentum, chasing and throwing left and right combination blows, including foul ones below the belt on the challenger who it seemed had little strength left. Momentarily, Marvelous Sonsona applied the guerilla hit and run tactics. On the 11th and last round- the young pugilist from Gen. Santos City, Philippines and the Puerto Rican champion faced each other toe to toe- delivering with their mights deadly blows to outdo one another. However- it was very clear from all angles that it was the Pinoy boxer who had the upper hand in the just concluded 12-round fisticuff. The judges scored it a unanimous decision: 114-111, 115-110 and 116-109 in favor of the Pinoy Boxer. Marvelous Sonsona- true to his name- did utilize to full advantage his height, long arms, speed and will outpoint the champion.

That fateful day- Friday night, Sept 4, 2009 in the Casino Rama Boxing Arena (Ontario, Canada) where this bout was staged, Marvelous Marvin Sonsona, 19- the youthful Filipino slugger wrested the WBO Superflyweight World Title from the Puerto Rican Jose "Carita" Lopez, 37.

Asked how much money did Marvelous Sonsona earn? His Manager Dr. Yraola declined to say how much- but replied, "For a challenger, it was good enough".

Upon their arrival home last Tuesday- Sept. 8, "Marvelous" Marvin Sonsona- the newly crowned Filipino WBO Superflyweight World Title Holder and the "Hawiian Punch" IBF Light Flyweight King with a Filipino blood, Brian Viloria who successfully defended his crown versus Mexican Jesus Iribe in Honoluly just recently, were fitted with a victory motorcade by the City Government of Manila around the city.

Sonsona's victory established for him good records: he's the 2nd youngest Filipino boxer to bag a world title. The first was established by Morris East- a PhilAm of Olongapo, Philippines, when he tko'd Akinobu Hiranaka in the 11th round in Tokyo on Sept. 9, 1992 thus winning WBA Light Welterweight title at 19 years and 31 days old.. Marvelous Sonsona is the 1st Pinoy boxer to win a world title in Canada.

"Marvelous" Marvin Sonsona will defend his title for the 1st time on November 21 this year in the same venue in Casino Rama, Ontario, Canada.


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