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Yuna Kim's Galas

Updated on August 8, 2014

Yuna Kim's Meditation

Kim's Galas

Yuna Kim's gala programs are as brilliant as her competitive masterpieces. Those galas are, in fact, more definitive in her skating in many aspects.

After all, not competitive programs designed to earn more points in the strategic layout, but programs with musical intentions and interpretations are the eventual goal of figure skating.

In gala exhibitions, skaters are given the opportunities to flaunt and expand their artisitc ambition to the fullest. In a way, gala is analogically close to free skating in the compulsory time.

You don't have to worry about points, requirement, or jumps; You just skate to your heart's content however you see fit.

And Kim's gala programs is examples that show how Kim's degree of bodily freedom is exceptional compared to her peers.

In short, no skater today is able to replicate Kim's gala programs.

Even her lifetime rival Mao Asasa, whose lyrical style actually is similar to Kim's, is incapable of leveling with Kim's gala.

Yuna Kim's bulletproof

Kim's Bulletproof

Kim's bulletproof is a remarkable piece. Kim's presentation in that modern, electo-zany upbeat piece contrasts with classic style Kim used to show in most competitions.

Her lines and extensions while executing modern dance moves are so adequately executed that people easily think figure skaters can do those moves.

Actually those moves are more difficult than jump. In jump you have some lucky possibility to succeed, but those connected moves on ice cannot be achieved by luck.

It's not Kim's dancing skill, but her mastery in skating that enables her to execute and incorporate those dance moves into the skating.

That is, Kim possesses extraordinary degree of bodily freedom on ice. As Dick Button once said in an interview, skating is not all about jump; it is skaters' move on ice that determines the level of skaters.

Yuna Kim's All of me

Kim's Mastery on Ice

There is no jump!

Are you disappointed? Think again. No skater today can do those various moves on ice.

If they try, they will fall or lose balance. Kim's arms' extension and lines and their connection to her moves are incredible. It is a master's demo.

It is only possible when one has high degree of bodily freedom, only reserved for a few in figure skating history.

Yuna Kim's Don't stop the Music

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Don't Stop the Music

It's a bit old. This 2009 gala is forgotten by many, but you will get the similar feel from the music, and performance.

Note how she executes the moves.

Truth be told, I am not a big fan to those galas at the time. It might have to do with my propensity to classic and orthodox.

After all, they are all modern, and pop culture driven and very commercial. Kim made it so easy that they were taken for granted.

Now that Kim retired, and knowing that no one will bring those to life, they are sorely missed.

Yuna Kim's Meditation

Yuna Kim's Meditation

I once said Kim's Meditation needed a fix in choreo, after I had seen Kim pop the first jump in the 2010 Olympic gala.

Kim originally inserted a triple lutz, if my memory is correct, in the intro, and that disrupted the flow of program.

Triple jumps, though great to look, tend to disrupt program especially in this type of slow and lyrical presentation.

Later she changed it to a triple salchow rather than lutz, which is a lot better. This is her signature program along with James Bond.

Look so easy, right?

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      love her "Fever"! As Sandra said, she knows how to move

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      i love her


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